3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

What is a “3 Panel Sliding Patio Door”?

The 3-panel sliding patio door, which is both lovely and sophisticated, is an invitation to a more pleasant living environment. The installation of sliding glass doors with 3 panels is a fantastic complement to any design for home remodeling.

Putting up a sliding patio door with 3 panels is a great idea for a home improvement project, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping for one. We have crucial information to walk you through introducing triple patio doors into your house.

3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

Multi slide patio doors are an enhancement to regular doors or French doors. Most sliding doors with 3 panels are constructed with two fixed panels and one movable panel, allowing for both the interior and the outside to be accessed.

Wide openings are created in your living area due to the intuitive design of these doors, which move from one side to the other or meet in the center. This not only makes your living space larger but also makes it more appealing for visitors.

The investment in a triple sliding patio door, which is versatile and can be made out of a variety of materials, may completely change the appearance and atmosphere of your house for a relatively modest cost.

Advantages of Having Sliding Patio Doors With 3 Panels

An increasing number of homeowners recognize the advantages of door types with 3 panes. Replacing old broken down sliders has become pretty common today. But why exactly should you go with these doors, and are they worth the money for door replacement?

The following explains why 3 panel glass doors are the height of modern fashion and five compelling reasons to consider installing them in your home.

1. Enhanced capabilities and ease of access

You won’t ever have to worry about dealing with outdated sliders that have broken again. The sliding patio door with 3 panels is intended to operate smoothly inside its frame.

The safety of youngsters and older adults was considered while designing these doors. Getting outside or inside has never been easier.

However, if you choose professional installation, you will be guaranteed perfect alignment and optimal performance. You are not recommended to install these customizable hardware on your own

2. Superior security bars in sliding glass doors

It is notoriously difficult to make French doors safe, particularly older ones that have been used for some time.

Because patio doors are among the weakest points of access into a property, you must ensure they are well supported.

Modern triple sliding patio doors were developed with overlocking security bars and other elements to guarantee that these uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing doors contribute to the house’s safety.

The beauty of these sliding doors is that even though they do not have “high security,” they are deceptively robust and resistant to efforts to get into a property.

3. Very appealing doors

These lovely doors may provide fresh air of sophistication to your home’s exterior. You can choose several different materials, glass treatments, and types of frames.

Collaborate with Oridow on creating bespoke hardware to give your house the bespoke doors it deserves.

4. Energy efficient doors that offer ample natural light

The modern sliding door with 3 panels is intended to have a close fit with the frame and is equipped with weather seals. Additionally, the substantial tempered glass provides additional insulation and protection.

5. Increase the worth of your property

You may add value to your new construction property by installing a contemporary sliding glass door with 3 panes.

Installing these doors won’t break the bank, but they will significantly increase the worth of your property as a whole. Regardless of whether you plan to relocate shortly, the price of an ordinary 3 panel sliding patio door makes this a good investment.

Two Panel Sliding Doors vs. 3 Panel Sliding Doors: Which Is Better for You?

Installing a sliding patio door with 3 panels provides access to a more traditional aesthetic. But how does the addition of a panel change things?

There is nothing inherently wrong with sliding doors with two panels, but several key distinctions between the two kinds should be pointed out.

The following is a list of the most important distinctions:


A two panel sliding door has an opening that is 50% larger when the slides are opened, but a 3 panel sliding door has an opening that is 66% larger when it is completely opened and stacked.


Although a single panel may not seem like it would make much of a difference, how the style blends with the rest of your house can be drastically different. Two panels may appear better on certain houses, while 3 may look better on others.


Because 3 panel doors need a wider sliding depth, the installation process has to be done differently. You should be prepared for additional renovation work when upgrading to a door with 3 panels.

There are several considerations to take into account while selecting the appropriate door. Ultimately, sliding glass doors with two or 3 panels each have the perks that make them desirable.

When it comes to choosing your house’s decor, consulting an expert is quite necessary. You will be able to pick the door that is most suitable for your preferences and your requirements if you consult with a specialist from Oridow.

Oridow Can Help You Determine Which Door Is Best for Your House

At Oridow, we are firm believers that no two houses are alike. Because we take a personalized approach to installing doors, we will work with you to discover the best door for your house.

Oridow is the company to go with if you are considering renovating the home, such as replacing windows, doors, bathrooms, or roofs. We are here to aid you if you want a professional home makeover that makes no compromises.

3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

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