uPVC French Doors

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Product Features

•Multi-champerd uPVC frame and sash extrusions create superior strength, great insulation and noise reducer
•Frame and sash are reinforced with galvanized steel stiffeners for added rigidity and the fastening of the hardware
•Fusion welded frame and sash comers for strength and weatherability
•Heavy duty hardware provides maximum durability
•Stainless steel 6-point locking device to procure security
•White powder coated curved handles
•Heavy duty baked powder coating original German adjustable hinge


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uPVC French Doors


French doors have large glass panes jut like french windows. They are the safest kind of doors since they only have one opening handle from the inside. This ensures that the residence is protected from potential intruders.

French Door uPVC is an ideal option for a house’s balconies and patios, which is why you should consider installing them if you have either of these features.

The term “uPVC frames” refers to the whole French Door system. This mixture is long-lasting and suitable for use in any environment for a French door.

Benefits of uPVC Doors

The majority of the benefits that are associated with uPVC doors in general are also associated with uPVC French doors. These kinds of doors are often secure, energy-efficient, resistant to the elements, and long-lasting.

The vast majority of uPVC French doors will include double glazed, which is quite effective at thermal insulation against heat and sound.

uPVC French Doors are the best way to go if you want to allow sufficient sunlight to enter and secure your living space through the safety glass. While simultaneously allowing convenient access to the balcony, garden, or front porch or back door.

Oridow uPVC French doors offer homeowners a practical and efficient way of letting light in the house. These efficient and stylish doors are available in a custom-made and pre-made variety and have very low maintenance.

Why Oridow for French Doors?

French doors manufactured by Oridow stand out from the competition because of their exceptional strength, long life, and high quality. French doors enable a private room to be created while also providing a visible link between two areas.

Our uPVC French doors are extremely versatile as exterior doors that welcome guests into a home and interior doors that partition living areas. The French doors have a rather straightforward design yet manage to convey a sense of sophistication and racial identity.

The uPVC French doors provide the greatest possible openness, enabling an abundance of natural light and clean air to enter the home, producing a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Oridow French door uPVC are constructed from durable material and are an easy way to let light into your home’s interior. They have a rather simple appearance, but they provide a charming gateway to your backyard, deck, or patio when installed.

The aperture enables unlimited access to the yard and creates the illusion that your living space naturally extends into the outside. French doors made of uPVC provide your house with optimal ventilation while also allowing natural light to enter and brighten the space.

You can be certain that Oridow will provide you with uPVC of the highest quality, offering a diverse selection of appearances with superior durability, resilience to the elements, and ease of maintenance.

The fact that your Oridow French doors have locks at four separate locations makes your home more secure and makes it easier for you to unwind while you’re inside.

Oridow ensures a comfortable and happy environment by allowing for natural lighting, ventilation, and the avoidance of noise and pollution, all of which give your location the impression of being “home.”

Oridow’s French Door uPVC will give your house an authentic look and feel of France. A French door provides a whole entrance area that is free and available to use. French doors may accommodate glass with a thickness ranging from 5 to 44 millimeters.

Highlights of Our uPVC Doors

The extruded shape of French doors has five chambers, which prevents heat transfer and air leakage. The Oridow French door is an excellent option for soundproofing since it can block up to 80% of outside noise with its 21mm double-glazed units.

French windows get a strength upgrade consisting of a 2mm GI reinforcement to achieve maximum heights. French doors come standard with a multipoint locking system, and you can upgrade to a Georgian bar for added beauty and protection.

A cylinder locking mechanism is standard on French doors, adding an extra layer of security to the property.

It is good knowledge that French doors provide specific benefits such as acoustic insulation, sometimes known as soundproofing and resistance to dust.

If you don’t like uPVC French doors, we also have the french door in aluminum frames. Check our aluminum french doors.

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