uPVC Sliding Doors

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Product Features

•Ideal in both domestic and commercial applications including the sheltered housing
•Steel reinforced frames provide additional strength that allows large sizes and adequate sunlight
•For weather resistance and durability, it provides a complete strength and weather seal, also theft and hurricane resistant
•Heavy duty hardware provide maximum durability
•Stainless steel 6-point locking system procure security
•Available in different colors and easy to maintain


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uPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC Sliding doors are two, three or four panels sliding glass doors. In most cases, they are used on the back of the house leading on to a patio door where the space consideration will not permit the use of hinged French doors.

They are widely used in doors and windows because of their ability to provide natural light. To be glazed with impact glass, complete with screen doors and fill large openings.

Do you want the hallway in your home to be easy to navigate and not take up excessive space? uPVC sliding doors are the kind you should be looking for.

Options of uPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC sliding patio doors are available in a variety of robust design choices and are very lightweight. In addition to that, they are waterproof as well.

Because the operation of uPVC sliding doors is very simple and produces no audible noise, the sliding door mechanism is also often called the Silent System.

Why Oridow for uPVC Sliding Doors?

Oridow Windows is the leading uPVC manufacturer in China, and they can satisfy all of your requirements with their 360-degree glass solutions.

We are committed to offering outstanding uPVC sliding doors and other solutions for home improvement, and we do so by maintaining our subject-matter expertise and giving exceptional support to our customers.

Because our products are manufactured locally and are updated by the most recent fashion trends, the prices of our uPVC sliding doors are competitively priced and appeal to the vast majority of the country’s population.

uPVC Sliding doors made by Oridow come with an impressive assortment of eye-catching features. The sliding uPVC doors help to keep the temperature inside the house at a comfortable level.

The doors have been designed to have a low impact on the environment and to provide a high level of sound insulation.

There is a choice of fusion-welded uPVC glass doors with silicone sealant and laminated or tempered glass that may be used for residential or commercial applications.

In addition, Oridow uses only high-quality materials to produce its uPVC sliding doors, which means that these doors need minimal maintenance.

The uPVC glass sliding doors are so sturdy and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for installation in any part of the world.

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