10 Facts About Aluminum


While you find aluminum all around you—in everything from kitchen utensils to aircraft construction—there’s likely a lot you don’t know about it. Here are a few facts to show you what aluminum is all about!

  • Aluminum doors and windowsAluminum is the most abundant metal in the world, used in the construction and production of a vast range of items.
  • There’s aluminum in space! Around 7% of the soil on the surface of the moon is made of aluminum, giving us the option to retrieve aluminum from the moon in the future. However, aluminum is still present in such great quantities on our home planet, so that one’s just a distant possibility in future for now.
  • No rust, no corrosion! Aluminum is known for its resistance to corrosion, making it a great material for objects that need protection against the forces of nature.
  • You can recycle aluminum all you want. There’s no cap on how many times aluminum can be recycled. What’s more, it only takes 5% of the energy and effort that was needed to create it initially.
  • Aluminum is highly durable, with the strength of aluminum alloys able to match up to that of This durability is what makes having aluminum sliding doors or an aluminum casement window such a great idea!
  • It’s not only durable, it’s light too! The density of aluminum comes up to only a one third of steel’s, making it quite the lightweight metal.
  • Gold was not always at the top of the metal game. Aluminum used to be considered more valuable than gold once upon a time. This was back in the 1850s when it was rare. Soon enough, however, its value dropped to a tenth of what it used to be.
  • Water does not make much of an impact on the metal, making it ideal for protection against harsh weather and most liquids.
  • While aluminum is highly durable, it is also a very flexible metal. This makes it easy to mold it into the shape of small products, like paper clips!
  • Confused between aluminum and aluminium? The metal is spelt as aluminium according to the international standard, while spelling it as aluminum was set as a precedent by the American Chemical Society in the U.S.

Aluminum holds many wonders behind its sleek, shiny exterior.

It’s the perfect choice of material for doors and windows! That’s why we at Oridow provide you with premium quality aluminum doors and windows, available in a range of different styles. Contact us and request a price quote – we’re here to serve your door and window needs.



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