6 Advantages of Aluminum Windows and Doors

6 Advantages of Aluminum Windows and Doors

This is the era of Big Glass.

Aluminum windows and doors seem to have caught on the trend and are being adopted by most people. Builders are coming up with more innovative ways to make houses and buildings more fashionable for both commercial and residential purposes.  

There are added benefits to using aluminum for windows and doors and we’ve listed them down for you.


Aluminum provides an economical solution for both commercial and domestic use in houses and buildings. It’s more expensive than PVC but cheaper than timber. If you’re thinking of adding some pop of color, you’re looking at an increase of 10–15% in price. Compared to wood and PVC materials, aluminum is stronger and more durable.


Aluminum is 100% recyclable. Using aluminum and recycling it requires only 5% of the energy consumed initially. This ends up reducing the carbon footprints which is in turn better for the environment. Since aluminum is also light and malleable, this results in optimum in-house energy which lowers the energy bills as well.


There is a lot of leeway and the freedom to design windows and doors without any inhibitions. Aluminum is flexible and can be molded and customized according to the specifications of the builder easily as compared to other materials.


According to building regulations, aluminum windows and doors provide excellent sound and thermal insulation. This in turn allows aluminum to improve both heat loss and gain by 60%.


Since aluminum is strenuous, less material is required to hold the glass between the windows and doors. This provides a better and slimmer aesthetic look and makes sleek designs possible. It tends to give the illusion of bigger windows and doors which creates a beautiful outdoor view. This blurs the lines between the indoor and outdoor space.


Aluminum is corrosion resistant and doesn’t require much maintenance. It can bear severe weather conditions unlike other materials and does not tend to split, swell or crack easily. It just requires minimal cleaning and is suited for environments prone to rainfall, moisture and extreme sunlight.

Switch to aluminum doors and windows for a better, durable and more energy efficient way of life.

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