How Aluminum Windows and Door Panels Add Class to Interior Design

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Thanks to the innovation and creativity in the fenestration industry, home décor enthusiasts have more options for windows and doors replacement. Whether you’re renovating your home or building one from scratch, you can have more than one or two options.

The purpose of windows and doors is to simultaneously enhance safety and scream grandeur. For that matter, you need to consider different materials such as uPVC, wood, vinyl and aluminum. You can find a window and door that exactly matches the vibe you’re looking for in your space.

Aluminum: A Popping Go-To Choice for Sophistication

When you’re looking to replace windows and doors, you may have found aluminum popping up on design catalogs. It’s a go-to choice for many home shoppers looking to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look for their homes.

Aluminum is the most-loved window and door material in the fenestration industry. It’s the magical metal of the window and doors industry. These doors and windows have earned rightful popularity among businesses and residents alike.

But what makes aluminum a perfect solution to add class to interior home décor? Let’s explore.

There are many reasons for the 5% steep rise in the demand for aluminum. Its mechanical, chemical and physical properties make it a top choice worldwide. Here are some reasons explaining how aluminum windows and doors add elegance to interior décor.

1. Light Weight

As a light metal, aluminum windows and doors are lightweight. With 2.7/cm3 weight, aluminum is about a 3rd of copper or steel when it comes to weight. Deemed one of the lightest and commercially available metals, aluminum windows and doors are ideal for any home.

Using aluminum for windows and doors is especially ideal for curtain walling. Curtain walls are structurally lighter and can only carry their own weight. This means the lighter the door and window frame, the better. So if you’re planning curtain walling for your home, aluminum windows and doors are the right choices for you.

2. Corrosion Resistant

The problem with iron doors is that they’re prone to rust. Contrary to that, aluminum frames are low-maintenance. The science behind it is simple: aluminum oxide protects the surface of a door or window when it comes into contact with air. Thus, making the layer completely resistant to corrosion.

No matter what the weather throws at your aluminum windows or doors, they can resist anything, be it acid rain. The surface also doesn’t get damaged by cleaning products, nor does it split, warp, swell or crack over time.

Pro Tip: you can ensure further protection by painting or anodizing the surface of aluminum doors and windows.

3. Don’t Break

Quick chemistry reminder: aluminum is ductile and malleable. It doesn’t press into shape or bent nor does it drawn out to lose its toughness. In simple words, if you choose aluminum for windows and doors, it won’t break because it’s not brittle.

As the 6th most ductile and 2nd most malleable metal, aluminum is the top choice for someone who wants a curved design for a window or curtain wall. Its properties make aluminum frames easy to press and bend into a desirable shape which means more ways to let your creative juices flow.

Living room with aluminum-framed bifold door

4. Very Sturdy

While aluminum doesn’t possess high tensile strength, aluminum alloys are widely used to manufacture curtain walls, and window and door frames. Because once it’s alloyed, its strength increases. Aluminum can be alloyed with elements such as magnesium, copper, manganese and silicon for the instant rise in strength. For instance, pure aluminum has a tensile strength of 90 MPa, but when alloyed, it can increase to more than 690 MPa. That’s multi folds!

While it’s sturdy, it’s also lightest, which means it has a better strength-to-weight ratio as compared to steel. Meaning you don’t need to heave your windows or doors. They can easily open and shut like swish, swish, swish! Another impressive feature of aluminum windows and doors is that the colder the weather gets, the stronger aluminum becomes, unlike steel which gets brittle in cold temperatures.

5. Recycle & Eco-Friendly

You can add class to your home without harming the environment. Aluminum windows and doors allow you to be a responsible global citizen because they’re 100% recyclable. The good news is that its quality is equivalent to virgin aluminum.

Fact: 75% of aluminum ever manufactured is still used today.

Typically 1 ton of aluminum takes 14,000 kWh, but it takes 5% to 10% of the same amount to recycle and re-melt, which means lower cost and carbon footprint. So you can reduce your carbon footprint.

6. Easy to Mold

As a homeowner, you want to create a statement – an appeal that speaks for your style and personal taste. We understand that people look for customization and ways to express themselves. With aluminum, you get to enjoy versatility, for it can be easily molded into different frames and designs.

The design of frames adds a splash of unique characteristics to aluminum windows and doors. Even if you have picked a complex design for your windows, the characteristics of aluminum make it easy to shape into intricate designs.

7. Décor Ideas

You can even powder coat or anodize aluminum doors and windows for a textured or smooth finish. A boring metallic surface can be converted into a durable and decorative aluminum-oxide finish.

A home’s exterior view of aluminum-framed windows

Aside from the coating option, you can install beautiful aluminum windows and door designs as follows:

Aluminum Windows & Doors: Inspiration

You can install aluminum folding doors, bifold doors, sliding doors or French doors depending on the style you’re looking for in your home. Similarly, you have a variety of aluminum window designs, including aluminum sliding windows and casement windows. At Oridow, we have a variety of carefully curated beautiful aluminum windows and door designs.

Our aluminum folding doors offer a clear view so you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your indoors. On the other hand, aluminum bifold doors are glazed with glass panels so you could soak in the natural light. These are remarkably easy to move with the non-trip sill. Our aluminum sliding doors are the best option for balconies or patio because their glass panels blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Or you can always French it up with aluminum French doors!

Complement your aluminum door with aluminum sliding or aluminum casement windows to add a spacious feeling to your home with class. Say goodbye to cranking and lifting with our aluminum sliding windows. It’s the ultimate low-maintenance solution that will suit any architectural design. These windows can be used for interior or exterior space with multiple lock options and elective ventilation.

Windows looking out to a beach view

Our widely loved aluminum casement windows can direct and maximize breeze into your home. Their 90o pivot opens to capture air from any direction. These are a good fit for both traditional and modern architectural designs. Their weather-proof characteristic is unparalleled!

Embark on your journey to add more grace and class to your home décor with our aluminum windows and doors. We also offer uPVC windows and doors that are affordable and easy to install. Get in touch with us to request a free quote today.



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