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Which Window Should You Choose?

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    Bored of your old windows? Looking to purchase new ones, but do not have enough money? Well.. Your problem is now solved! With a number of cost effective windows now widely available, you can make your choice according to your house. Here are few of types of windows; choose the one which best suits your house:

    UPVC Windows

    UPVC Windows are economical, safe and easy to install. With thermal insulation properties, these windows provide the exact amount of heat and light needed in your house. Maintenance cost of these windows is low, making it a preferred choice. UPVC Windows include a wide variety of windows such as Casement Windows, Sliding Windows, Crank out Windows, Vinyl Single Hung Windows, and many more.

    Hurricane Impact Windows

    Hurricane impact windows are the best way of protecting your home and occupants in event of an hurricane. When the weather is fine, these windows help in protecting your furniture and curtains from ultraviolet rays. In addition to characteristics such as heat protection and external noise reduction, these windows also increase the value of your property.

    Jalousie Windows

    You can install Jalousie windows in areas of your home which need extra ventilation and light. These modern energy efficient windows help in keeping the room warm during winters. With three-sided framing for security, these windows keep your home safe. With optional mosquito nets or fly screens, enjoy your time without annoying bugs!

    Sliding Security Screen Windows

    Sliding screen windows are best at keeping everything away. From vandal attempts to mosquitoes, these windows protect you from everything! With strong durable security screens, these windows are dust proof, insect proof and are even guaranteed 10 years of decay resistance. These windows help in keeping the inside environment fresh, pleasant and cool.

    Casement Security Screen Windows

    With stainless steel security screen, Casement Security Screen Windows repel bugs, mosquitoes and airborne trash out, while letting only sunlight and fresh air in your home. The screen is made of quality durable material and with 1.4 mm thick aluminum profiles these windows help protect your privacy. These windows are highly temperature resistant and fire proof. With ease of installation, these windows are preferred by people as they provide extra security, keeping the burglars away!

    Not sure where to buy the perfect windows for your home! Oridow offers a wide range of windows to choose from. From UPVC Windows to Security Windows – choose the ones that best suit your home! Click here for more information.

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