Cleaning Faux Wood the Right Way


Faux wood products seem to have become a norm over time. Because of its low cost and versatility, more and more people are recognizing faux wood as the perfect material for some very basic indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. And not just furniture, faux wood is an excellent choice when it comes to doors, windows and shutters.

In fact, faux wood shutters fall into the same category as stainless steel security screens and aluminum windows and doors. These items, offered by Oridow, last for a very long time and cost a fraction of the market price.

The great thing about faux wood is that research is still being conducted to make it more durable and element resistant. Pretty soon, faux may even replace real wood altogether.

If you are in possession of faux wood items and want to make them last longer, then you should follow these very simple tips to clean and maintain them properly.


Sometimes, a little water is all you need to clean faux wood properly. Well…little might not be the right word. You can try using the garden hose to clean faux wood items thoroughly. The water from the hose will travel to those hard to reach places and it will help you clean the items from inside out. But don’t go overboard. Keep the water pressure as low as possible. . The integrity of the faux wood items will be compromised with excessive use of water.

Regular Cleaning

This pretty much goes without saying but you have to make sure that dust doesn’t have a chance to accumulate on the faux wood items. Regular dusting ought to do the trick. You can also thoroughly clean the furniture once every couple of months, using a mild soap, lukewarm water and a washcloth. When you are done, wipe the surface with a clean, wet cloth. This will ensure that the faux wood items remain in top shape all year round.

Use of mild chemicals

Today, the market is inundated with cleaning solutions, sprays and detergents that contain harmful chemicals. Not only are they bad for you, but they also damage the items they are used on. Harsh chemicals stain faux wood items and destroy them from within. Always go with an organic option or mild soap.


Most experts agree that covering faux wood furniture up would make it last longer and will keep it protected from the ever changing elements. However, this decision should be completely dependent on the users of the furniture and their ease of use.

These tips are simple, effective and absolutely easy to apply. Check out our products page if you think you ready to take care of our chic faux wood products!



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