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Oridow Screens is a leading provider of innovative security door screens for doors and windows, having established itself as an industry expert in screening systems.

We sell aluminum windows in the United States, New Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, the Maldives, and other places. We also do building and home decorating work for people in their own homes.

Our security bug screens for doors and windows are durable, won’t tear easily, and are almost hard to break through or kick in.

Security door and window screens have a unique locking mechanism that cannot be tampered with, and they are screwed into the frame and fastened firmly down using a manner unique to screw clamps.

The Security screen windows created by Oridow are equipped with stainless steel mesh, cordless technology, and a locking mechanism. The unusual centralized functioning of a sliding security screen door enables the door to be opened from either side and stopped in any location along its track.

The tiny square holes protect against mosquitoes and smaller insects while allowing enough ventilation.

Why Do We Need Security Screen Windows In The First Place?

Increase energy efficiency

When the sliding glass panel that covers the screen area of the storm door is installed, this extra layer that covers the front entrance may help prevent air leaks and enhance the energy efficiency of your home throughout the whole year. This energy efficient feature may help you save money on your energy bills while protecting you from extreme weather discomfort.

Increase home value

Whether you are looking to boost the asking price of your house when you sell it or just want to improve the curb appeal, installing a screen door might be a perfect fit for any of these goals. A wide variety of aesthetically pleasing options are available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit the outside of your house. Get a free estimate from us today!

Do Insects and Other Pests Get Past Security Doors?

Screen doors may assist in keeping other garbage out of the home, in addition to pests and rodents. This waste includes leaves, twigs, and trash that may be blown into the house with a lot of wind. It’s possible that, depending on where you live, you’ll run across several pesky critters that you’d want to keep out of your house.

You will need to fix the insect seal for the security screen doors to be effective in preventing scorpions and mosquitoes from entering the building.

What Kind Of Protection Can A Security Screen Provide For Your House?

Avoiding the infestation of mosquitoes

Since security screens are constructed out of mesh panels with a very fine weave, they are incredibly efficient at warding off insects, especially mosquitoes. As a result of the recent rise in the number of dengue fever cases, installing these security screens in Indian homes is a good option. These screens guard against mosquitoes as well as other types of insects.

Views and access to fresh air

When it comes to making a window safer, one of the best things about security screens is that they reduce the need to give up natural ventilation or exterior views in exchange for making the window.

Even if you leave your windows shut all day, security screens made of finely woven mesh will allow natural airflow into your house in an efficient and effective way. This will ensure that your home is both pleasant and airy.


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Sliding Security Screen Windows

Oridow Security Screens allow you to take control of the safety of your house. Our security screen windows are excellent for contemporary home applications prioritizing safety and an attractive look.

Sliding windows may either have a single sliding panel or a double sliding panel, giving homeowners the flexibility to put them in almost any area. Never again will there be unattractive grills or bars!

Your house will always appear beautiful, and the additional safety measures will give you the peace of mind you need.

Features of Security Screen Windows and Doors:

In addition to its appealing appearance, the Security screen for Windows that we provide has several remarkable functions and advantages that its clients may enjoy.


  • Clear and unhindered views of the outdoors are provided while yet maintaining your privacy and providing security.
  • Because security window screens are made of mesh, this product enables the free movement and circulation of air, contributing to your comfort.
  • Saves money on energy costs due to a decreased need for air conditioning.


  • Intruders are deterred from breaking into your house by the presence of security doors and windows, which act as a barrier to prevent unauthorized access by bad guys.
  • Oridow windows can give first responders the time to stop a threat before it worsens, like stopping a fire from spreading or stopping a direct attack on your building.
  • The window security screens protect your home against insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.
  • Developed specifically for home security applications, it assists in preventing break-ins while also making it easier for homeowners to use, enter, and leave their homes.
  • Above all else, security doors and windows and our window screens are built to be robust, secure, and long-lasting, so you may use them without any problems for many years.

Improved aesthetics

  • Not only are the security doors and windows built to withstand force but they are also designed to improve and update the look of the architecture and curb appeal of your house.
  • Compared to traditional bar and grille systems, no sacrifice is made in terms of appearance.
  • Products may be simply installed into almost any kind of door or window with minimum bother and inconvenience required.
  • The sash is offered in a wide variety of color choices to cater to the preferences and requirements of each customer.


The movement of Oridow Mesh doors is made easier by using steel wheels on both the top and bottom rails. These rails are resistant to dust and have a longer lifespan than others.

The door is hermetically sealed by the window security and safety system, consisting of a weather and magnetic strip. The security door improves the appearance of the residence.

Each security mesh door & screen installation is custom-made to the opening’s exact width and length specifications. The security doors and windows offered by Oridow are tailor-made as per the client’s need.

These secure windows and doors let in plenty of fresh air, natural light, and uninterrupted vistas while blocking off flying insects and mosquitoes.

Our security doors all filter out thirty percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, making the inside of your home an even more secure place for you to spend time and extending the life of your furnishings thanks to our heavy-duty mosquito nets made of stainless steel.

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