4 Reasons To Invest In Integral Blinds

sliding window with blinds

If you’re planning to give your house a stylish touch for the new year, integral blinds are the most practical option out there. They’re the accessory that every window and door needs.

Not only will they help you achieve a sleek finish to your interior, but they are also great for the safety and privacy of your space, and they are an excellent investment overall for upgrading your property. 

Here are a few additional advantages they offer.

No Interference

No matter what kind of door or windows you install—tilt and turn, lift and slide, bi-fold, casement, sliding or French doors, integral blinds give them a hundred percent freedom to swing or slide open with zero interference.

This is a handy feature, especially if you’re installing aluminum bi-fold windows and doors, because they will not obstruct the seamless operation of bi-fold doors.

No maintenance

Because they are installed between double-glazed glass, they are completely protected from any dust or damage. As long as the glass unit survives, the integral blinds remain safe as well.

They are also exceptionally durable for kitchens and bathrooms, because the way they are sealed increases their life, and they are never exposed to moisture. Even after years, they are not likely to get moldy or dirty. 

Additionally, they are operated entirely from the outside; therefore, there isn’t any risk of accidental damage causing them to malfunction.

Automatic Operations

Integral blinds are built inside the glass units of windows and doors. The purpose of this is to make them a part of the fixture itself. To make this practical, they can be operated automatically by using electricity, remote control, as well as solar energy.

But if you wish to operate them manually, they also come with cords that are controlled with magnets externally.


The best feature of integral blinds is that they not only take care of you and your air conditioning bills, but they’re also great for the environment.

By creating a much-needed extra layer between the outside and inside, they not only help keep heat inside your house, but they also increase the u-value of the glass. And on most days when you don’t feel like soaking up all that sunlight, keeping the integral blinds will effectively keep your house free of any harsh rays.

Integral blinds are so great that we’ve recently launched some of our own designs of this technologically advanced wonder. Contact us now at Oridow to switch out your boring conventional blinds for these incredible modern ones.



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