Glass or Wood: The Best Panels for Your Doors

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A door is not just a means of facilitating entry into the house or securing it against theft. Construction material has been frequently experimented with in the 21st century. It’s designed to better bear weather and provide the much-needed aesthetic appeal that makes a door look modern. Today, you can do much with the design and style of the door. Door designs make it possible to incorporate newer material to already existing doors to add strength and beauty to doors.

The same goes for windows. The standard casement window was designed to allow light and air to pass into the room. The windows were an important part of the Roman and early civilizations due to their great capacity to provide quality ventilation. Casement windows manufactured in present times are chicer than standard casement windows. These windows are designed to add a touch of newness to contemporary housing.

Panels are extensions added to doors for design innovation and additional appeal. A simple wooden or aluminum door won’t interest a consumer as much as a door with panels will. Adding panels to the door is a relatively new trend. Doors didn’t use to have panels in them previously. Consumers who feel they should be connected with their environment better greatly appreciate the design. Many have installed paneled doors in their lounges and study rooms to keep these spaces well-lit.

But which material is the best for different doors in our houses? Find out here:

Glass Panels

You can’t design the façade of a contemporary building without glass. Modern architectural designs are based on exploring different materials and the qualities they can add to an otherwise ordinary door. For commercial and residential buildings, glass has become a go-to material for construction. Most modern buildings in the world are made of full-glass windows and doors fixed in wooden and metal frames.

Types Of Glass

The many experiments with glass have introduced its different types. These types are based on the treatment to strengthen the material for better security and frequent commercial use.

Annealed Glass: This glass type is fragile. It’s not fit for door panels.

Toughened Glass: Toughened glass is treated to add strength to it.

Heat-Strengthened Glass: When annealed glass is heated up to 600 Centigrade, it can bear higher heat ratios and is toughened enough to be suitable for door panels and glass windows. This type of glass well suits different door designs, from French doors to sliding patio doors and expansive bi-fold doors.

Glazed and Sound Proof Glass

Consumers living in bustling neighborhoods feel an increased need for soundproofing. After all, no one wants street noise to penetrate a safe space like their home. Commercial properties always need door panels that can bar noise from making its way into the house. That’s what makes cafes and restaurants quiet places for fine dining. Glass glazing means adding two or more glasses for better home insulation. The thicker the glass, the more soundproofing it offers. If you have glass panels in your sliding door, you can go with laminated, double or triple laminated glass for the doors. Such strengthened glass sliding doors can give soundproofing of around 47 db.

Hurricane Impact Glass

If you live in Florida or coastal regions that are hit by bad thunderstorms and winds, you should learn more about hurricane impact glass. Tempered glass that can demonstrate a certain level of wind resistance classifies as hurricane impact glass. The glass is heated and tested against pelting and high-pressure winds.  

They are also great for houses located in cold regions. Hurricane glass is heavier than other glasses fixed as panels. The frames required for these glasses need to be equally strong. Aluminum door frames or wooden frames suit such glass panels best. Don’t risk pairing glass panels with uPVC doors. They can easily get sashed, making it difficult to sustain the glass’s weight.

Wooden Panels

The concept of wooden panels for doors is not new. Bedroom and dining rooms entryways have doors with wooden panels that add a touch of grandeur to the door. Wooden panels are mostly used with double door structures for a larger house. You can even use wooden panels paired with glass panels to add to the design of the door.

Wooden panels for front doors are not a go-to material for people living in busy cities. Entrances with wooden panels are perfect for luxury homes located in niche neighborhoods. Houses inspired by early modern architecture also use wooden panels for front doors.

Wooden Panels for Commercial Use

Luxury hotels and restaurants have doors lined with wood panels. Wood panels are hardy and satisfying to look at. These have a lasting majestic quality to them. Polished wooden panels add to the color and overall texture of the door.

Best Wood for Wooden Panels

The best wood for wooden panels is mahogany. Mahogany is a hard timber wood most popular among consumers for its beautiful color and straight-grained texture. Mahogany is one of the most popular wood types in demand. If you find the wood type too costly, you can go with teak wood or oak wood. Both are hardwood best for door paneling and long-term use.

Panel Maintenance

A slight disadvantage to wood paneling is that it’ll need maintenance. Unlike glass, you can’t wipe wood with a good cleaner and expect it to shine. Polishing wood is a good idea. You can polish it to make it look new. Wood will need maintenance since it absorbs moisture which can damage it over time.

You should be ready to dedicate a small chunk of cash to wood maintenance if your panel discolors, soaks much moisture or looks a bit too dilapidated.

Wooden panels can also shrink due to moisture absorption. The best way to maintain a wooden panel would be to inspect it every three months for possible signs of wood shrinking or cracking and work on it immediately.

Invest in quality door and window frames if you’re keen on designing doors that suit your taste better. Aluminum doors manufacturers make sure they take you on board to customize door designs for you. You can decide which panel best suits your house based on the door design.

Wooden and glass panels are both fantastic for doors. They are elegant, stylish and easy to design and install. It’s that glass is a more popular option for modern-looking houses. Wooden panels are for doors made for locations that wish to go big on their classic appeal and traditional overtures.

At Oridow, even if it’s a single door or window, we design it for our customers and ship it in due time. Our certified team of experts has designed aluminum door and window frames for clients in 30+ countries. In 2009, we delivered quality aluminum and uPVC products to our clients in the Bahamas. We’ve been in the business for over a decade and have designed many aluminum and uPVC sliding doors, tilt and turn windows and VEKA crank out windows. To buy products made of aluminum in bulk, contact us at 86 137 5516 7195.



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