5 Reasons You Need uPVC Windows and Doors in Your Home

uPVC doors and windows

You’ve seen many homes now making the switch to uPVC over traditional options for windows and doors. What’s the hype?

The main material found in uPVC items are polyvinyl chloride polymer; it is not softened to make it flexible. It features impressive durability and adds a sense of elegance to your home.

It acts as a good substitute of wood, timber and steel and is a great way of saving money too!

We’ve listed a few ways as to why choosing uPVC windows or doors is the best way now.


By installing uPVC windows and doors, you save a great deal on the energy bills. Double glazed windows and doors both possess thermal insulation properties. Some even claim to save up to 60% on their annual bills.

You can be saving maximum heat inside your house during winter or preventing it from entering during summers; either way, uPVC is an excellent option.


uPVC windows and doors barely have any maintenance as compared to other materials. They don’t split, crack, or fade and are impervious to rotting and rusting.

If installed correctly, it can last over 35 years especially if made out of high quality. It just needs a clean with a cloth and it’s good to go.


Burglars have access to the house through windows and doors but with uPVC windows and doors fitted, it would be very difficult to enter. Double glazed glass along with a good lock combination will prevent any thief from entering. Even in terms of forced attacks on glass, the sashes have a strong lock system which will deter any intruder.


The total maintenance cost for a wood window is actually 33% more than a window which will be using uPVC as its materials.

Also, replacing old windows and doors with newer and more energy efficient solutions will increase the appearance and value of the property.


uPVC windows and doors provide an efficient ventilation system as it provides good airflow into the room. A good configuration would be to tilt and turn the windows, causing it to open in two directions which will provide a draft-free ventilation.

Changing your windows and doors is a long-term and somewhat expensive decision. uPVC solutions will guarantee a range of design options that are engineered to last.

At Oridow, we provide uPVC French doors and  uPVC windows alongside a variety of other products. Take a look at our website or contact us on 86 137 5516 7195.



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