Why Aluminum is Ideal for Retail Store Fronts

Retail stores with aluminum and glass fronts

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals found in our Earth’s crust. It’s not just easy to mold, design, bend, and weld, it’s also highly customizable and strong.

Modern business owners prefer investing in high-quality aluminum doors and windows for their retail space. From supermarkets to small cafés and local bakeries, you must’ve noticed aluminum doors and windows installed in the store’s front area.

One of the main reasons aluminum has gained dramatic popularity among retail store owners is its sustainability. Aluminum storefronts can enhance the energy efficiency of a space and make it extremely secure and structurally integral. What’s more, aluminum is considered to have the highest recyclability rate than any other material on the planet.

So if you’re still confused about whether aluminum doors and windows are suitable for your retail storefront, this blog’s for you!

We have mentioned all the reasons and benefits of using aluminum doors and windows in retail stores. Let’s delve deeper to understand them in detail, shall we?

1.   Versatility

As mentioned above, aluminum is highly multipurpose, malleable, and ductile. It can be shaped and melted into any form, size, and style. Moreover, aluminum can be re-melted to form different products.

Aluminum front doors and windows in a retail store

In fact, a study shows that aluminum can surpass the lifespan offered by UPVC doors and windows. The study revealed that even after recycling, re-melting, and redesigning, aluminum held its molecular structure and sturdiness the same as before.

Therefore, aluminum is one of the best metals for making storefronts. You can choose to get your retail store’s door and windows customized in any design you like. Aluminum doors and windows available at ORIDOW are a well-received choice for modern commercial business owners. Our sliding doors and casement windows are extremely effective for keeping shops securer yet brighter and energy-efficient.

Another way to make your retail store stand out is to install aluminum doors and windows with electrically powered sensor machines. Automatic aluminum doors not only enhance a store’s attractiveness but also make it more secure and functional.

2.   Aesthetically Rewarding

The second reason to choose aluminum for storefronts is its beauty and sleekness. Retail stores need to look good in order to grab a customer’s attention. Without a contemporary storefront, you cannot increase footfall in your shop.

An old, dingy, and inefficient front door isn’t just bad for brand image, it can also make your space vulnerable to break-ins. Aluminum doors and windows give off a very modern appeal without overpowering or clogging the space. They can easily pair with different design elements to ameliorate your retail space’s aesthetic vibe.

At ORIDOW, retail business owners can choose from a wide selection of aluminum doors and window designs that can help them revamp their boring storefronts. Aluminum bi-fold doors and Aluminum French doors are some of the most popular options for modern shops and restaurants.

These doors can save money and energy as well—another significant benefits store owners can benefit from!

3.   Economical 

Aluminum doors and windows aren’t as expensive as other substitutes used for making storefronts. Myriad types of finishes, designs, and styles can be customized using aluminum without breaking a customer’s bank account.

A reliable aluminum door and window manufacturer such as ORIDOW can help you craft an economical plan for revamping your storefront without burning your pockets. Using aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-operate aluminum sliding or bi-fold doors, you can easily create an eye-catching appeal.

Aluminum is one of the least expensive materials available in the market. And the best part is, this versatile metal offers so many benefits, thereby ensuring superior value for money!

4.   Complementing Capability

Aluminum can pair up with a number of materials. From ceramic, marble, and UPVC to glass, this metal can work with several design elements. However, store owners usually prefer getting their aluminum doors and windows made with glass inserts.

This helps them create an open layout inside their stores while enhancing the natural light flow and clean air ventilation. Aluminum doors with glass panels also offer a clear view of outdoors, helping store managers keep an eye on customer activity and also prevent suspicious movements.

A strong aluminum shutter

5.   Light Weightiness

Retail store owners surely don’t want accidents happening on their property. Hefty and bulky storefronts made of wood or heavy metals can cause falls and tripping. This is where aluminum comes into play.

Aluminum doors are amazingly light in weight and expedient. Installing them isn’t just easy but also hassle-free. They have smooth functionality, which minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries. Aluminum storefronts also make object movement easier. This is especially important for shops where stock is delivered on a daily basis.

6.   Thermal Insulation

Retail stores can incur high energy costs from time to time. For example, you may receive surmounting bills during busy seasons or extreme weather conditions. This is where aluminum doors and windows can help. Studies show that aluminum can increase a building’s energy efficiency by 60 to 70%. This is a remarkable feat of aluminum that can help business owners build an environmentally sustainable store design. What’s more, aluminum doors and windows can reduce a store’s need for heating and cooling by providing quality insulation.

A secure and sturdy aluminum front in a café

For additional energy saving, you can opt for double glazed glass inserts or ORIDOW’s hurricane impact windows that withstand harsh weather impact quite effectively. Aluminum storefronts can keep your store interior from getting too hot or too cold during extreme temperatures. Another study reveals that aluminum windows can reduce heat loss and gain by 60%. When combined with sturdy glass, they can lower energy bills and maintain an ambient environment.

At ORIDOW, you can order high-end aluminum doors and windows for your home, office, retail store, garage, patio, and more. The China-based aluminum doors and windows manufacturer offers a wide range of products, including aluminum sliding doors, tilt turn windows, double hung windows, and more.

Some of our best selling products include Aluminum French doors, Aluminum double hung windows, Aluminum bi fold windows, Aluminum jalousie windows, UPVC casement windows, UPVC sliding windows, UPVC tilt turn window, among many others.

At ORIDOW, our UPVC doors and windows are suited for residential as well as commercial applications. So whether you’re looking to spruce up your home’s entrance or upgrade the retail store’s entryway, we can help. Our team is well-versed in suggesting the right products for your business space, along with ensuring 24/7 customer support and technical assistance.

The company also exports UPVC doors and windows that can reduce your building’s energy consumption by 30%!



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