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Maintaining Your Vinyl Windows with Integral Blinds

Vinyl Windows

One of the most popular options when it comes to buying something eco-friendly, as well as aesthetically pleasing, is vinyl windows with integral blinds. These windows are incredibly popular for all those looking for something stylish on a budget. Using two panes of glass, these windows sandwich the blinds, giving a wonderfully clear look to the complete aesthetic of the house.

However, for those who are accustomed to the traditional options for windows, maintaining these beautiful windows may seem a bit of a challenge at first. To help out, we at Oridow give out some tips on how you can maintain your vinyl windows with integral blinds.

Tips on Maintenance

Contrary to what many believe, having windows with integral blinds does not give you a free pass to skip out on the cleaning.

  1. Every couple of years, it is recommended to wash the glass as it gets a smoke-y look even if it is thoroughly sealed.
  2. To keep the glass clean from the outside, make sure to use a soft cleaner once a week to keep it looking new – always.
  3. Check to make sure that small ventilating holes are properly drilled in the frames so that there is no danger of your window getting warped from the inside.
  4. Make sure to have a professional install the windows. Improper installation can lead to a break in the seal or even cracks in the glass. Dust and condensation can cause numerous problems to your blinds; and since it can be difficult to clean them off, it can be expensive to have to replace them.

Vinyl windows with built-in blinds have been proven to be a cost-cutting and eco-friendly solution for all those looking to have proper fittings in their home. And by using these great tips, you can use these windows for your home for a long time without having to deal with any problem. Want to know about vinyl windows with integral blinds? Then contact Oridow to learn more about window treatment solutions that revamp the look of your home – and all value to it!

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