Measuring an Aluminum Sliding Window – A How-To Guide

Measuring an Aluminum Sliding Window

Either changing old windows or measuring your sliding window to add new blind, measuring your window accurately is essential.

To be able to measure correctly first, you have to understand which point to measure and how.

We’ve made it easier for you to make your measurements. Just make sure you have these things handy:

  • Measuring tape or Slide rule
  • Pen & Notepad

Measurement for Replacement

Measure Width

Using the tape, measure the width of window at base, top and middle. Write the smallest measurement as width of window. Be sure to calculate from the plain surface of the frame; not from the extensions side that holds the frame in place.

Measure Height

From the surface bordering the window, measure the height from the top to the bottom of the window. Measure the right, center and left side. Note the smallest number as height.

Measure Depth

Measure the thickness of the window also called depth by measuring the outside and inside of the window. In case you can’t open the window, measure the half and add the number to get the full width.

Be clear with your numbers and careful when you order for new windows. A minor mistake could lead to wrong windows. Take note that manufacturers may recommend you order windows considerably narrower than the dimension of window.

You may go for the instructions or give them the exact dimensions. The imperative point is to make sure you know the right numbers.

Measurement for Curtains

Mounting Decision

First off, decide the height and width of the curtains or blind you would like to have over your window. Most drapes are mounted higher than the window pane, while the blinds are accentuated closer.

Measure Window

Measure the outer frame of the window end to end, both in height and width, making sure there is no obstruction which can cause the measurement to be increased as compared to what they are actually. Add the inches that you want on either side of the window; keep in mind that the window must not be visible from the hanging curtain or blinds. Usually the curtains are much bigger in width as compared to blinds.

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