Which One Is Better – Vertical or Horizontal Sliding Windows?

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Confused between UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows and Horizontal ones? Which one would be more convenient for you? Keep on reading and solve the puzzle.
Both are sliders. Both let the fresh air and bright sun into your room. Then, how does it matter if it’s Vertical or Horizontal sliding Windows? FYI, it matters a lot. Firstly, there are two kinds of sliders; single sash and double sash with respective functionality and limitations. In the first kind one sash is fixed while in the other both of the sash slide to the either side. Based on the direction of the slide movement they are Horizontal & Vertical Sliding Windows.
After the background study, let’s find out the pros and cons of those UPVC Sliding windows;

UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows

       Pros: It is mostly seen in the commercial buildings. However, it is one good option to think of when you have limited window breadth. If you aim at remodeling the exterior of your home, then UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows deserve your notice.
Cleaning and maintenance of UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows is much easier, and saves your time, cash and harassment for many years.
To open you have to lift the sash upwards and pull downwards to close them. Isn’t it easy-to-operate? This also means great insulation with no possibility of drafts generally caused by an inaccurately shut window.


 Cons: Talking about the hitches; if the panes are heavy and they lose their strength to hold them, and then they may slide down without any notification. It collide could hard enough to break the glass and further damage the frame. Oops! That calls for some expense.
Lastly, such windows are ideal for small window area..

UPVC Horizontal Sliding Windows

       Pros: Very popular amongst the homeowners with large window opening for various reasons; mostly for the price factor. UPVC Horizontal Sliding Windows are cheaper than any other window style. You can easily slide away some extra expense with these slider windows.
These are much easier to slide and need to slide from one side to another. Even kids can do that. And, provide great ventilation and more sunshine for indoors.
Without any external overhang, installing security screen on the UPVC Horizontal Sliding Windows is easy. Mention not, they are easy-to-clean.

     Cons: UPVC Horizontal Sliding windows are prone to get stuck in the runner. Often they get sticky and it becomes hard to slide the sash. Further, the frame would get damaged with dragged forcefully. It means a total decline of the window state and performance.

Apart, they are likely to drainage issues and less resistant to the wind and water infiltration. When it rains, there is a huge possibility for water to ooze amid the gaps and may cause mildew damage. In this case, you need to be super-active and treat them otherwise it would spread all over the base.
As you have studied the pros and cons of both UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows and UPVC Horizontal Sliding Windows, it is time to evaluate how much you have allotted for window, its location. Make sure you can make most of the benefits from the type of window you choose for your home.

After all that hard calculations, request a quote for your competitive detailed quotation for free.

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May 19, 2015

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