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DIY Tips for Vinyl Casement Windows Repair

Every new building when constructed, come with Vinyl Casement Windows mostly for their high insulating properties, energy efficiency, and for directing the fresh air into the room. Generally, they have detachable trims and hardware making it easy-to-repair in comparison to the other windows, even though there are many different types of vinyl casement windows.

Here are few of the commonly faced problems with Vinyl Casement Windows and few DIY tips for repairing them;

#Peripheral Damage to the Sash

There could be any kind of peripheral damage to the sash like a split, or flaking out. First, unbolt the arm from the inner hinge and all the other attached screws. The sash would tilt towards you. After you unfasten the bottom screws of the bracket, remove the stop. Now you can slide out the sash and replace it. You can also change the stop, if it is broken.

When you buy a replacement sash, choose the correct color as they cannot be painted later.

#Broken Hardware

If you cannot operate you window, first clean the hardware and lubricate it with lithium grease. If it’s still troubling, then you proceed with the replacing idea.

Every piece of the hardware including crank, hinge, and lock can be replaced as they are seized with screws and matching alternate hardware is available in the market. Just unscrew them, take it to the hardware store and get yourself an identical one. There are many companies producing hardware and it varies from one brand to another. So, make sure you carry the hardware or all the related information to the store.

#Damage to a Window Seal

Variable temperature causes the window glass to swell or contract. In fact, it expands or contracts more than glass. Over time, the seal between the glass and the frame loosen. Some experts would suggest that you replace the entire window. However, you can remove the sash while you patch it up so that the glass doesn’t skid into the frame after you eliminate the caulking. Always be watchful while you do so.

#Worn-out Crank of A window

No need to replace a whole window just because you cannot open or close the window completely. It won’t take you more than an hour to fix it.

Step 1

Check the crank for any abrasion or exposed gears. If you find any, you have to change the full crank mechanism. Use locking pliers to open the window. Press down on the arm to open the crank arm brushing from the track and shove it out of the window.

Step 2

Unscrew the trim; elevate the casement cover off the jamb. Then, unscrew the crank. If you find any bent or rusted screw, better change those.

Step 3

Compare the old one and purchase a matching hardware. Place the new crank aligned to the old holes. If the holes are exposed, fill them with a few toothpicks then bolt in. Refasten the crank arm and casement cover that you have detached earlier. Try closing the window to check the lock engages well!

Vinyl Casement Windows are expected to last at least 20 years with a rare occurrence of you holding the screwdrivers. It is not necessary that you have to call the experts, but you can repair it yourself and hoard some cash and serenity.

Try it, DIY!!

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