Why Are Aluminum Casement Windows A Good Fit For Your Home?

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Remodel your home and refurbish the layout by installing windows that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. Aluminum casement windows are made from quality material that is easily pliable to fit the architectural style of your homes.

Aluminum casement windows are a great fit for any home. A traditional house with a historic design influence compliments the medieval casement style of windows.

Contemporary aluminum casement windows complement the modern built of homes with a sharp and basic architectural design.

Attractive Design

Replacing the heavy and bulky designs of the historic era, aluminum windows offer a refreshing take on the casement design. Slim, secure and strong single or double windows are installed within the frame using hinges on the sides.

The windows are unique in design and function as they open to the outside. A casement stay is used to keep the window open and balanced with a metal bar.

This allows for more space inside the house. It is a great choice for homes with children as they won’t bump into the open windows playing in the house and hurt themselves.

Attractive DesignNatural Ventilation

The casement style of aluminum windows allows for more natural light and air to pass through. It maximizes and enhances the quality of life by clearing the stagnant and damp air of the house and providing an abundance of natural oxygen.


The finish of the aluminum windows is either baked or anodized to turn the aluminum surface more durable and long lasting. They will last you a lifetime with their strong hold secure latch that provides a firm and lasting seal.

Ease of Maintenance

They are easy to maintain and conserve as the material will not trouble you with any rusting or rotting. You don’t have to invest extra for their upkeep nor do you have to worry about ladders and brushes. These windows don’t need fresh coats of paint.

You just need a soft brush, cotton cloth and soap and water to clean the windows and keep them looking shiny and new.

Environmentally Friendly

You can reduce the carbon footprints with aluminum casement windows. The production process requires the least amount of harmful metal. That makes aluminum casement windows an environmentally friendly option.

Energy Efficient

The latest technology allows aluminum casement windows to be engineered and manufactured with the highest thermal performance. The thin aluminum frames conduct low heat and allows for low heat transmittance from the outside, keep your house clean and cool.

Cost Effective

At Oridow, we offer custom designed aluminum casement windows to fit your needs. You can choose the hardware quality, the profile and glass option for the window frame. Visit our website for more details on aluminum casement windows or call us on 86 188 6010 6121. We’d be happy to discuss your preferences and agree on the cost of aluminum windows.



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