Practices That Damage uPVC Doors

When it comes to door frames, we want the best for our property. A material sturdy enough to offer strength and protection against harsh weather will be the best fit. You might also want to go with a material that resists molding, is corrosion-resistant, and is affordable for long-term use.

uPVC doors are the most affordable door options if you’re looking for a material that should last longer. Not only are uPVC doors fire-resistant, but they are also secure and soundproof enough to maintain your privacy. Plus, all you have to do to clean uPVC doors is wipe them with a damp cloth. You don’t have to worry about the door being adversely affected because uPVC doesn’t rust and has the lowest maintenance costs.

You might want to experiment with a few different uPVC frames if you’re a designer. They work perfectly for lounges and are the best doors for smaller rooms. uPVC sliding doors are the best fusion of modern chic and affordable door material.

The same goes for builders constructing affordable homes. Cost-friendliness and affordability are the leading features of modern homes. Your perfect modern homes vision is incomplete without our top-quality uPVC windows.

To explore more uPVC door options, consider our uPVC triple sling doors and modern uPVC hinged doors

Don’t just install uPVC doors. Avoid the following activities for a longer door life.

Banging Your uPVC Doors

Banging doors is the worst you could do to any door in your domestic and commercial property. Not only does it affect the glass or wood attached to the frame, but banging doors is a leading reason for the misalignment of the door frame. You might find yourself in a fix if your frame misaligns with the door.

Be careful when it comes to your doors. uPVC doors have a life of around 15 years. Banging and mistreating uPVC doors are severely problematic for their long-term usage. Do not make a pet door in your original door after buying it. This acts as a strong violation of the manufacturer’s warranty. You should ideally have doors designed to accommodate your pets.

Customizable doors are the easiest to design! Have your designer contact local windows and door suppliers in China for a trustworthy experience.

Slamming Your Doors Shut

Slamming doors can cause much damage. It can be extremely harmful to the door’s symmetry and alignment. It can be disastrous if you have glass panes attached to the door. Imagine slamming a glass sliding door shut! There isn’t a worse route you can take to damage your sliding doors permanently.

If you live in an extra windy region, you can always have a door holder installed to keep the door from slamming shut. It’s a great way to do away with unwanted noise pollution too.

Using Old Keys

The worst thing for your door lock is using a dilapidated key that doesn’t move efficiently. Have new keys made when your key begins to rust or has signs of damage! Another way you badly damage your uPVC doors are by using keys that are in bad shape or have been poorly cut. Such keys get stuck in the lock, making it extremely difficult for the door to function well.

Give your new keys a test run before using them for your uPVC doors, and have your door keys replaced once you feel they are too old or rusty for use.

Remember: All activities that involve struggling with uPVC doors can badly harm them. Besides, the weather is a huge factor you have to deal with while using uPVC doors. Harsh weather can warp uPVC doors. You can always fix a door if you can spot changes in its symmetry earlier on.

Properties with uPVC doors are as appealing as anything! Design houses that speak for themselves. Invest in uPVC bifold doors and windows for your newest construction venture.

Not Cleaning uPVC doors

Just like your floors, your doors need cleanliness too. Or else layers of grime and dirt will sit on the door and its fine edges and crevices. Such a door will look ugly despite the many advantages its material has to offer. Don’t let everyday dust impact the sleek look of your uPVC doors.

Using Bleach to Clean Doors

Clean your doors once a week for the perfect finish! Ensure there’s no dirt in the door’s alcoves or gaps that diminish its finesse. You can clean the doors with a wet sponge or a wet cloth piece. Do not use abrasive agents like bleach and strong detergents on your uPVC doors. You’ll mar their shine badly this way.

Not sure whether your detergents are the right cleaning products for your uPVC doors? Consult your windows and door exporters for recommendations about cleaning uPVC doors.

Neglecting Sliding Door Tracks

Having trouble rolling over your uPVC sliding doors? You’re not alone. uPVC sliding doors can become troublesome if not maintained well. You need to keep its sliding track clear at all costs. Grime and debris can make your door feel stuck and inefficient for use. Not just cleaning, remember to lubricate your sliding doors when the door feels stuck and hard to slide.

Your uPVC sliding door has a fine glass fixed to it. Your beaming blue swimming pool doesn’t look so shiny from your interiors because of the haze and dirt on your glass. Clean your sliding door glass with a wet wipe for that perfect luster!

Here’s a quick demonstrative video to help you clean and lubricate your uPVC sliding doors.

Applying Extra Pressure on Bifold Doors

High temperature and humidity can take a toll on any door type. Bi-fold doors are no exception! These doors are connected through hinges. Often, the hinges become way too hard to be removed. Do not, at any cost, apply too much pressure on a full-glass uPVC bi-fold door. It’s not suitable for the glass’ symmetry, nor is it the ideal solution to a stuck-up hinge problem.

Lubrication is the answer to your toughened nuts and bolt issues. Lubricate your hinges well for better door functioning. You can even consider waiting until the temperature drops to make changes to your door.

There can be more than one practice that is troubling your uPVC doors. You can easily avoid all such problems by going for door maintenance and hinge lubrication twice every year. Using harsh material for faster results can lead to temporary maintenance but may be harmful to the doors in the long run.

BI-fold windows

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