How are uPVC Windows the Most Reliable?

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As your sanctuary, your home needs to be the infrastructural genius of aesthetics and architecture. From design to material used, each decision needs to be evidence of your taste as well as due diligence.

If you’re burning your wallet, you should do it carefully. Windows material is also a deciding factor when you’re installing or replacing windows for your home. Fenestration – window arrangement – is an integral part of a house.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, windows also play an essential part in ventilation and airflow inside the house. They’re the barrier that withstands the weather to keep you safe. Therefore, you should make an informed decision when picking the material for your windows.

Let’s look at different types of material and why uPVC is the most reliable of all.

Types of Materials Used in Windows

Over the years, the options for fenestration have evolved from traditional wooden windows to aluminium windows and uPVC windows. Each window material has a distinct feature that distinguishes them from the other.

Wooden Windows

The oldies of windows, wooden windows offer traditional touch. As with most traditions, wooden windows are also widely used in commercial and residential properties. One of the reasons for their never-ceasing popularity is due to their availability, options of shapes and sizes and variety of timber that makes them customizable.

They’re arguably more versatile and refined, but they demand more upkeep and who has time? Installing wooden doors and windows is a pain because it’s a lifetime commitment. Yet, their life span diminishes relatively faster.

Aluminium Windows

Light-weight and easily available in different types and sizes, aluminium windows are low-maintenance with superior thermal performance. They also come with an extended life span, making them a top choice for most property owners.

However, the issue with aluminium is that they oxidate over time. Eventually, your aluminium windows will corrode, especially if you don’t take suitable precautions. It’s the battle between performance and cost which means the poor the quality, the worse energy performance.

uPVC Windows

Most home and property owners are replacing their traditional wooden windows with modern uPVC windows. uPVC, short for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a hard type of plastic material. It’s resistant to mold, pollution and moisture.

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Its many features make it a top choice and a reliable material for windows. If you’re looking for a durable yet cost-effective option, uPVC windows won’t disappoint. Here’s why you should pick uPVC windows:

Sturdy & Durable

uPVC windows are long-lasting and durable. Unlike their traditional counterparts, their sturdy structure allows them to withstand weather fluctuations. The average lifespan of uPVC windows is over 50 years.

Higher durability makes it resistant to severe weather conditions without demanding a lot of upkeep. So when you install uPVC windows, you’re enhancing the strength of your home’s structure.

uPVC windows remain intact and retain their structure during turbulent weather, given their sturdy material. The uPVC coating adds an extra protective shield against UV rays which means the material doesn’t fade.

Aesthetic Appeal

While they’re durable, uPVC windows also lend your home a sleek and premium look. You can choose a statement-making design for your home’s exterior or interior. From uPVC encasement windows to uPVC sliding windows, tilt turn windows, and twin sash, you have various options to pick from.

Another appealing feature of uPVC windows is their versatility. Unlike wooden windows, you have more style and shape options. You can get customized windows to suit your taste and personality.

Low Upkeep

Unlike wooden windows, you don’t have to burn your wallet to maintain uPVC windows. These low-maintenance, uber-chic windows are easy to clean. You can spend a few minutes cleaning using a wet sponge, and voila! You have shiny windows.

uPVC windows don’t even require repainting, varnishing or sanding because there’s practically little to no wear and tear. Their weather-proof structure makes them the top choice for homeowners who don’t want to spend a fortune on the upkeep. You can scrub away even the toughest of stains without causing any damage to the window material.

Termite Free

You know termite is the enemy to your home’s structure. The good news is that uPVC windows foster none of the insects, unlike other window materials. They’re synthetic, which means cleaning is easier.

Cost to Performance

With aluminium or wooden windows, you have to constantly forgo one factor for other. Luckily, uPVC windows solve your problems. They’re economical because you get protection and high performance at affordable rates.

They’re energy-efficient, durable, low-maintenance and offer premium aesthetics. And their long lifespan is a boon because they’re sustainable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. uPVC windows are truly worth every dollar you spend.


As global citizens, we all are trying to make responsible purchases. Cooling costs have also hiked due to rising global warming and environmental deterioration. Indoors become insufferable without air-conditioning, but air-conditioning units are also part of the larger problem.

To avoid the dilemma, you should invest in uPVC windows. High insulation keeps indoor temperature cooler and prevents heat ingress. On the other hand, you get a warmer temperature in winter because they prevent the heat from seeping out.

So uPVC windows are the better option for heating and cooling without using immense energy. With uPVC windows, you’re basically making responsible choices because they’re manufactured from recyclable material and consume minimal energy during the process of installation or replacement.

Superior Insulation

uPVC windows offer superior insulation from dust, scorching sunlight, pollution and pollens. Since uPVC is a non-conductor, unlike metals, it doesn’t absorb heat. So you get a comfy and cool indoor space.

Apart from all-weather insulation, uPVC windows also offer noise and external sound insulation. They have a noise-cancelling effect, making them a super cool alternative to other types of windows.

Their super insulation also makes them highly energy-efficient. Being great insulators of heat, they don’t permeate heat through their frames if fitted correctly.

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Heightened Security

Security is one of the major concerns. This is why it’s important to install the correct doors and windows. With uPVC windows, you can sleep peacefully because they come with multi-point locking for enhanced security. Say goodbye to the worries of intrusion and burglary.

Corrosion Free

If you’re wondering this is a uPVC windows fan blog, you’re right. Of the great many benefits that uPVC windows offer, being corrosion-free is one of them. They’re reliable because they don’t corrode or chip, unlike other materials. They can practically last for years without drying out or peeling.

Get Economical and Versatile uPVC Windows in China & Worldwide

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