Creating Stunning, Light-Filled Spaces With Bi-Folding Doors

bi folding doors

Sleek, stylish and elegant – this is what perfectly describes bi-folding doors. With a number of materials available, UPVC bi-folding doors are the most popular. They’re high quality, durable, and most importantly, economical.

With a number of benefits and enhanced functionality, bi-folding doors are now preferred over other types and are commonly used in these places:

Apartments and Small Homes

This door type is easy to use in small homes and apartments. They possess a concertina fold effect, which means that this type of door can be used for dividing wall or for creating space when needed. If you have a living room and a dining area together, you can use these doors to separate the two.

Small Commercial Buildings

A number of small businesses and offices are installing bi-fold doors on their premises. Small restaurants and cafes are ones that are using these doors most. A bi-folding door can bring the outside decking inside. This way, customers can dine outside, but will also not miss the ambiance and environment of the restaurant.

Domestic Interiors and Exteriors

As opposed to being used in small homes and apartments, these types of doors are popularly used in bigger homes as well. They can section off large areas easily. For instance, if you have only one large bedroom, but two kids, you can easily install this door in the room and divide it into two.

Furthermore, bi-fold doors are also great for directing natural light in the home.

Bi-fold doors were originally created to separate the exterior and interior environments. These changes aren’t permanent as you can move the doors when you want. For instance, you can place them in the garden when you have a barbeque party.

Garages and Sheds

Bi-folding doors are an effective and cheap alternative of the usual garage doors. As compared to electric garage doors, these are superior as they do not stop functioning during a power outage. When not in use and when you want to open, all you need to do is push the door in the right direction and it will fold to one side.

Increase the visual appeal of your home by getting these UPVC bi-folding doors. Be it your living room or bedroom, these doors are certain to create a different and unique look.

Get one for yourself by exploring our wide variety of bi-folding doors. At Oridow, we make sure that the best quality doors and windows are manufactured for all our clients.



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