Tips for Maintaining your Screen Doors


Installing a double screen door for your home can be beneficial in many ways.

For instance, it gives an unprecedented outdoor view, improves your home’s look and is relatively easy to maintain.

However, it is imperative that you have basic knowledge about maintaining this type of door.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you easily maintain your screen doors.

Getting Started

As long as your double screen door works smoothly, it keeps your room properly ventilated. But what if it starts to wear and jam midway? It is a telltale sign that your door needs maintenance. Firstly, you’d need some necessary supplies that’ll help you clean the door. Stack of dirt, tree saps and bugs can deposit in screen door tracks over time. If not cleaned, this grime can take a toll on your door’s overall performance.

Cleaning the Track

Contrary to the popular belief, water only removes dirt from the door track, but will not effectively clean the deposited grim out of your door.

To address this problem, use a cleaning agent mixed with water to remove the grime out of the track. For this purpose, any household commercial cleaner will efficiently do the trick. Moreover, water mixed with ammonia will also cut through the thick layer of grime and will help you clean your door track with ease. Apply the mixture through a thin brush and wring it dry by a dry towel, rag or a vacuum cleaner.

The Screen

To properly clean your screen door, spraying the screen from outside wouldn’t work. Remove the screen door from its latches with a screw driver. Find the screw holes before you try opening them. Gently scroll the screw driver through the latch to find the screws. Make sure you don’t apply too much force while opening the screws as it could damage the socket.

Once removed, gently lay down the screen on a soft surface. Carefully carry the door so that you don’t bend the frame in the process. Remove the dirt by carefully vacuuming both sides of the door screen. Spray the cleaner on both sides and let it dry for five minutes. Afterwards, wipe the screen with the help of a soft cloth. Once done, put the screen to air dry. Repeat the same process for springs and rollers before putting the screen door back.

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