Why Aluminum Windows And Door Systems Is A Good Option For You

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There’s a common perception regarding aluminum windows and doors – they’re budget friendly. But there’s a lot more to them.

Today they’re installed in every other home and commercial buildings. They’re now in fashion for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking to replace your doors and windows or are looking to install home hardware in your new space, aluminum doors and windows might be the perfect choice. Why? Read on:

Low Maintenance

Aluminum frames are resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosion. This means that they require low maintenance and will not wear off due to these conditions. Aluminum doors and windows are durable and have a long life. Thus you need to worry about cracking, splitting or warping of these doors and windows.

Environmental Friendly

Looking to reduce carbon footprint? Install aluminum doors and windows. Yes, it’s that simple! If your space is electrically heated or cooled, you could save energy up to three times with aluminum frames. In addition to this, aluminum can be recycled. This means that the material is very sustainable. This is one reason why aluminum framing material is considered superior as compared to others.

Thermal Efficient

With capability of exceeding the standards of energy efficiency, aluminum doors and windows have the ability to adapt to heat loss and gain as compared to materials like UPVC and timber.

Cost Effective

They’re inexpensive. Aluminum doors and windows are durable and will last long once you install them. Even though different manufacturers offer the product at different prices, you’ll have to get in touch with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. They’re efficient in energy release and absorption, thus can help save more money.

Variety of Designs

The sky is the limit with design flexibility of aluminum doors and windows. Additionally, they can be designed according your needs and specifications as well. You can opt for almost any design with aluminum windows and doors without spending much.

Finishing Options

Aluminum has a wide variety of finishing options. They can be coordinated with any décor and any interior color. Usually, they’re powder coated which does not require high maintenance or repainting. Powder coating imitates the look of wooden frames, so if you’re a wooden material fan, but lack the budget, you can get aluminum windows and doors with powder coat finish!

Get aluminum doors and windows of your choice with Oridow. Known as one of the most reliable aluminum windows and door manufacturer, we make sure that all our customers’ needs are considered. Explore our wide variety and choose the one that suits you best.



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