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Are you in the market for new, better-quality windows? You must have heard about aluminum windows. They have become a popular choice amongst residential and commercial clients amongst other window types.

As a homeowner, it’s important to consider all window options before you make your choice. Today, we’ll be discussing important pros and cons of aluminum windows that you should be aware of.

Pros of aluminum windows:

They don’t rust

Aluminum is one of the few metals that don’t rust. It doesn’t have an iron in its composition and therefore doesn’t rust. This feature of aluminum makes it such a popular choice for construction as they last longer.

Aluminum windows can provide consistent performance without homeowners having to worry about rusty parts and wear and tear.

Since aluminum is resistant to rust, it can be used in areas that receive a lot of precipitation. The strength of these large windows make them ideal for storms as well.

Aluminum is one of the strongest materials available

Aluminum is one of the strongest materials available. It’s no wonder it’s used widely in industrial applications, construction, and even the manufacturing of airplanes.

The strength of this window type makes it one of the most secure materials for residential windows and doors. Make your home more secure with aluminum doors and windows with reinforced glass.

Burglars won’t be able to get in, and the possibility of accidents like children falling out of windows is reduced significantly too.

They now come in a wide range of colors and finishes

Homeowners, in particular, shied away from aluminum windows initially since they only came in the typical silver color. Aluminum windows have come a long way now.

At ORIDOW, we provide clients with over 20 different colors and finishes to choose from for your home interior design. If you want aluminum windows with a wood-like grain, we have got you covered!

Low maintenance

Since aluminum windows don’t rust, they are very easy to maintain and keep clean and have energy efficiency. Unlike other window materials, aluminum windows are probably the easiest to maintain. You don’t have to worry about humidity, moisture levels, or even termite infestations. Eventually, these windows will be cost effective.


Poor thermal efficiency

The one issue with typical aluminum windows is that they don’t provide superior insulation like UPVC windows. While this is alright in areas where the temperatures are moderate, it’s not ideal for areas that experience very cold climate.

Have your home’s old windows replaced with aluminum windows. We, at ORIDOW provide aluminum sliding windows, casement aluminum windows, and many other window options. We offer a wide range of colors and designs to choose from as well.

Wood Windows and Doors

In past times, most windows and doors were constructed out of wood.

Carpentry of an ornate nature was often employed, and architects spent excessive time and effort detailing the cross-sectional profiles of window and door aluminium frames, window sashes, door panels, and the many trimmings associated with these elements.

Carpentry and joinery work associated with the manufacture of windows and doors had to be done on the building site since there was insufficient automation and new technologies.

The standards for the performance of windows and doors were, at best, quite low, and they were directly dependent on the level of expertise of the craftsperson who built the window or door.

Windows and doors with better performance may be attributed to skilled craftsmanship. The fundamental needs for windows are that they let sunshine while preventing the entry of precipitation and allow one to view the world outside while simultaneously allowing one to peek through them.

Little panes of glass were used for the window glazing at that period since huge sheets of glass were not readily accessible. The tiny panes of glass were kept in place by horizontal and vertical wooden elements.

Why Aluminium?

Windows and doors have developed throughout the years, along with most other components of buildings. New windows may now be crafted from various materials in addition to wood windows, including aluminum windows, steel windows, vinyl windows, and fiberglass windows.

In addition, two different materials are often used in the same window to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each of the materials.

Nonetheless, aluminum is the most often utilized material for window frames in modern construction. Thus, let us explore aluminum framed windows in depth.

Aluminum is a material employed in constructing glass curtain walls and storefronts at the current time.

In addition to its strength and endurance, it is immune to the effects of moisture and does not shrink or swell due to random sun exposure or changes in the amount of moisture it contains.

Aluminum may be given an almost indestructible finish by being anodized or painted. Aluminum windows need practically minimal upkeep.

Aluminium Windows

The malleability (the quality of being capable of being molded) and flexibility of aluminum are maybe the most fundamental reasons for the widespread usage of aluminum as a material for a window frame.

Because of its malleability, aluminum can be extruded into intricate cross-sections. These cross-sections are purposefully intended to make the structure of the window easier.

For instance, continuous round hollow incursions, also known as screw splines, are often supplied in aluminum cross sections to unite horizontal and vertical aluminum frames. These splines are referred to as screw splines.

Because of its malleability, aluminum lends itself well to the technique of snap-on carving. With this technique, two distinct aluminum parts may be linked together without fasteners.

For instance, glazing stops are easily attached to aluminum windows and curtain walls by simply snapping them on (no need for adding screws or any other fastening material).

Moreover, two aluminum windows may be conveniently snap-connected to create a bigger window with a shared mullion without the need for any fasteners by matching the mullion profiles of the two windows.

While Selecting Windows, One Should Take Into Consideration the Following Factors:

  1. Windows provide your house character and aesthetic appeal; nevertheless, since they are a rather permanent feature, it is essential to pick windows carefully to make the best choice. Not only do they have to have a nice appearance, but they also have to be practical and work well given the particular climatic and meteorological circumstances to which the house will be subjected.
  2. The market is stocked with various commercial and residential windows that may be used in home construction or remodeling projects.
  3. While selecting windows for your house, it is crucial to examine the proper design and quality of windows, which meets your home’s demands, aesthetics, and budget. Other factors to consider include the following:
  4. When you install properly, aluminum replacement windows can significantly reduce the expenses of heating, cooling, and lighting a house in cold climates while improving the amount of light, air, and ventilation in hot and warm climates. Because of this, the decision of window replacement must be based on the requirements of the climate.
  • Energy efficient
  • The Appearance of the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Adaptable to the severe weather conditions of the area (including resistance to water intrusion, wind load, and air leakage), and
  • Resistant to Invasion by Unauthorized Means
  • The prevention of bites by mosquitoes and other insects
  • Noise suppression, in addition to protection against dust and smoke
  • If you live in a region near the water, it is best to pick a material that is not susceptible to corrosion. As a result, steel frames and shutters are not a suitable choice for these kinds of environments.
  • When the weather is mild, it is important to consider the amount of natural light entering the home and choose the amount of glazing appropriate for the available space.
  • A hot environment requires a smaller size, while a cold climate may have a larger glazed window to transmit the sun’s heat to conduct heat transfer.


It may be difficult to choose windows since there is such a wide variety of designs, materials, and features to choose from. At the end of the day, it will give your house a gorgeous appearance, which will keep you in a good mood.



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