Everything You Need to Know About uPVC Windows

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According to Statista, the global interior design market is worth over $121 billion. Home owners are investing in the appearance and maintenance of their homes now more than ever. So, why should you shy away from home renovations or touch-ups?

People gravitate towards wooden doors and windows as they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property. However, these doors are prone to damage. One modern and equally trendy alternative to wooden windows is uPVC windows. It helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property without breaking the bank.

This blog will guide you about uPVC windows in detail to help save you big bucks.

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What is uPVC?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a lightweight, low maintenance but strong building material. It’s a good substitute for wooden doors and windows. And this synthetic polymeric polymer has a wide range of applications.

It is used to make pipes and other plastic-based products, including bottles, plastic playing cards, and plastic wrapping sheets. It’s also used to insulate electrical cables. uPVC windows have become popular since they are reliable and don’t cost as much as other construction equipment like wood and aluminum.

Benefits of uPVC Windows

1. They’re Fairly Priced

You might appreciate organic wood or metal aluminum over hardened plastic, but the reality is that many of us can’t afford to have it done for every window and door in our home. Additionally, maintaining wood adds to the cost.

uPVC is hands-down less expensive than aluminum or wood. These windows start at roughly $200, whereas metal windows start at $500. A tilt and turn uPVC window in your living room will seem just as contemporary as a tilt and turn aluminum window.

2. They Provide Excellent Ventilation

Crank-out windows made of uPVC are excellent for ventilation. They take up little room and are simple to move. Their wide entrance is ideal for better ventilation. Smaller rooms typically have two to three crank-out windows since it is enough to let in enough light, air, and sunlight.

Their window sashes are sturdy enough to support double- and triple-glazed glass. The main structures of the window are fusion welded to provide additional support.

3. They Are Rust and Moisture Proof

Unlike aluminum, uPVC does not react with oxygen. uPVC cannot absorb moisture. Additionally, the substance doesn’t degrade or chip away. uPVC windows are weatherproof, making them an ideal building material for windows and doors.

These characteristics contribute to uPVC windows having longer lifespans. They might become dirty over time, but you can clean them easily with a mixture of detergent and water. Polishing your uPVC window is only advised when it has lost its luster.

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4. They Are Environmentally Friendly

Windows made of uPVC can be recycled. Even after heating, the material retains its strength and is simple to reuse. Mechanical recycling of uPVC is a common technique to recycle the material. It is broken into smaller pieces that are heated to create other materials.

According to experts, uPVC can undergo this procedure seven to eight times without losing its distinguishing qualities.

5. They Help Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Place

uPVC windows have an elegant appeal. They’re often installed in neutral shades of brown and white. A uPVC sliding window looks casual and pleasant in a kitchen setting. UuVC windows come in a variety of styles. You can have a single sliding window or four panels with four sliding windows.

It depends on the space available and your preferences. The same can be said for uPVC casement windows. Casement windows work best for narrow alleyways and areas where more ventilation is required.

6. They Offer Excellent Insulation

uPVC windows are the best remedy for your energy consumption woes. Every year, much energy is wasted through non-insulated appliances. These windows work as quality insulators to conserve energy.

Since no energy transfer happens through the uPVC windows, they are the best in energy conservation. These are also better than aluminum windows since aluminum is a metal, and some heat is still transferred.

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Cost Of uPVC Windows

Depending on the window size, uPVC windows can cost anywhere between $185 and $700. Your expenditures will increase to $900 per window if you choose uPVC French windows. To ensure that you get the most value out of the money you invest in your uPVC window, you must keep your windows well-maintained.

How to maintain uPVC Windows?

1. Clean the Frame Regularly

It’s significant to clean your window frames at least twice a year to keep your uPVC windows in top shape.   Start by opening the windows and clearing away any cobwebs, dirt, or dust with an old toothbrush or paintbrush before vacuuming everything. Clean the frames with detergent and warm water.  

Pay special attention to corners where the pane meets the outer frame. Avoid using abrasive chemicals, sponges, and cloths. If the mixture of warm water and detergents doesn’t work, try using a uPVC cleaner from your local hardware shop. However, you must be careful not to dissolve the silicon seals with these powerful cleaners.

2. Clean the Glass Pane Regularly

Experts suggest you clean the glass of your windows approximately four to eight times yearly. Start by wiping the glass thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles. Next, you can use e-cloths or go the traditional way of using glass cleaners available at your nearest hardware shop. Whatever you choose, avoid cleaning under direct sunlight to prevent streaks.

E-cloths are a fantastic alternative for cleaning window glass sheets because they are easy to use. They come in packs of two sheets, one for washing and the second for drying to a magnificent finish.

When using a glass cleaner, make sure to reach the corners using a microfiber cloth that doesn’t leave fibers behind. Once you’ve washed the glass with the cleaner, polish it to perfection using a dry, clean cloth that isn’t too harsh on the glass.

3. Oil Hinges And Pivot Joints

Maintenance is crucial to make your windows last long. Windows demand a significant investment, and getting them changed often is not practically viable. Therefore, you must maintain them properly to increase their lifespan.

Keep the hinge mechanism clean, and the friction stays track and clear of debris. Spray oil onto the hinges, locks, pivot joints, and other metallic components to keep them well-lubricated. You can adjust the friction level using the turning screw. However, avoid over tightening it, so it hampers movement and ultimately breaks the hinges.

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