Baby-Proofing Your Baby’s Room – Which Window Should You Get?

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“A toddler can do more in one unsupervised minute than most people can do all day.” – Someone on Pinterest

Keeping an eye on our toddler seems to be part of our daily job. Look away for a moment and they’re covered in flour, grease or something even filthier. And they seem to be attracted to the weirdest things.

Take windows, for example; seemingly dull for adults yet they are very attractive for kids—especially toddlers, who are always looking for something to break…

The amazing view of the outside is one of the things that attract them the most. It represents both excitement and danger, thrilling them to bones! This is why your choice of windows (and doors) is important to keep your baby safe.

Understanding the danger

A study carried out over a 19-year period found that almost 98,415 children were treated for window-fall related injuries in U.S. hospitals. This accounts for an average of 5180 cases per year.

The data translates the seriousness of the issue. Window falls are common; baby-proofing is the only way to prevent it from happening.

Here’s how you can start:

  • Lock windows

The easiest thing to do for baby proofing windows is to keep them locked. It’s even better if the windows have permanent locks installed on them.

Make sure that every window is locked. If you can’t find keys, you can get the lock barrels replaced. Keep in mind that every window presents a risk. It’s easy to overlook windows in bathrooms and other similar places when securing them.

Focus on one room at a time to avoid this problem.

  • Clear the area


Windows are typically high enough that toddlers find it hard to reach. However, furniture or other items can give them the way through.

Make sure there is no furniture nearby that can be used to climb up. Also remove the light objects that can be stacked by your child. Children are quite intuitive and somehow know how to make a ladder out of anything!

Also, keep the area clear of anything that can be used to break the glass. Reorganize your room if needed, and keep any risky items away from the area.

  • Add the window stops

Final step is to add window stops. You can lock the windows all you want, your toddler will still learn how to open them up. It will take them time to figure it out and that is when you should wedge it shut.

A window wedge works for sliding, single hung and double hung windows.

Here are some other baby proofing ideas for common types of windows:

Hung windows: Both single and double varieties can open with ease. Only the bottom window slides open on the former while both top and bottom windows open on the double hung design.

You can use a window stop or a window guard for baby-proofing uPVC hung windows.

Sliding windows: Aluminum sliding windows open and close on horizontal plane. You can add a charley bar, a window guard, or a window stop to baby-proof these windows.

Casement windows: Also known as crank windows, they open and close with a cranking handle. You can remove the crank handle or add a window guard to secure uPVC casement windows.

Finally, ensure that the windows are made with high quality materials to minimize the risk further. Take a look at our uPVC and aluminum windows varieties to start shopping.



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