Which Patio Door Should You Choose; Bi-Fold, Sliding or French?

Patio Door

Most homeowners these days have a desire to bring more of the ‘outside’ in the home.

On the other hand, there are some designers and homeowners who aren’t as interested in the ‘extra light’. They would rather keep the doors functional and stylish, even if less outdoorsy.

Of course, we have numerous choices today for almost every home owner and decorator. The choice has, in fact, led to this confusion¾no one wants to invest thousands of dollars in a patio door to end up with choice that has deleterious impact on the house design.

So, we decided to go through some of the popular patio doors, weighing their benefits and other factors.

1. Bi-Folds

The demand for bi-folds has surged in recent years. A major advantage of these doors is that they allow opening of whole walls of glass.

Usually, these doors are fixed on tracks that are installed within the floor, blurring the fine line between inner and outer space. The stacked panels provide a bit of an obstacle, especially for modest sized patios.

The costs are typically over $1000 for every 1m panel. We recommend these doors if the size of your patio is large enough to remain undisturbed by the panels.

Bi-Fold patio doors

2. French Doors

There was a time when everyone wanted French doors. The trend may have balanced a bit with other patio door options, but it is nowhere near disappearing.

People often think French doors are more suited for traditional styled homes, which of course isn’t the truth. There are plenty of designs that fit contemporary houses.

UPVC French doors have smaller dimensions which allow them to bring in less light. Adding side lights or positioning them differently can increase the amount of light.

French doors even work well within elevations with bi-folds or sliding doors. They provide quick access when you don’t want to open the whole glazing. Costs are modest and you can almost always find a design for your home.

3. Sliding Doors

At the moment, sliding doors are popular for contemporary homes. Their frames are narrow, practically invisible in some designs, allowing more light to filter in.

There are multiple advantages of sliding doors, including lack of sections to fold back, a clean visual appearance, and space savvy design.

If you want to try something unique, you can install them as ‘pocket doors’ which can slide into cavities built within the walls upon opening.

Make sure the design blends in well with the rest of the interior. Check out our aluminum sliding doors, bi-folds and French doors to find the best fit. You can also browse our uPVC French doors and sliding door options for a more flexible choice.



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