Aluminum Casement Windows: Yay or Nay?

Casement Windows

You must have watched mullions many times in broadcasted cathedral services and movies situated in Roman times. They were popular during the renaissance and gradually became a part of Roman architecture. Mullions essentially are vertical bars of metal with glass attached. Their primary purpose was to be inlets of light.

Mullions are direct predecessors of casement windows. Windows with hinged casements became extremely popular in the 17th century. Primarily because they were affordable ventilation options for the masses, the windows became popular in many English colonies. Rectangular wood and metal frames had glass attached to them. The windows were smaller since the glass cost a lot back in the day.

Most architecture in history was introduced on the classical idea of purpose. So, the first question early window installers must have asked is:

“What purpose will a movable glass in a casement serve?”

Today, there are many ways you can design an aluminum casement window with a large number of glasses. Glass suitable for casement windows are:

Laminated glass: Glass that sustains blows and doesn’t shatter right away

Glazed glass: The glass isn’t directly fixed in the frame, but a holder is attached to the frame that keeps the glass put. This provides strength and support to the glass.

Tempered glass: Ordinary glass is not strong itself. It is processed/ tempered through chemical treatments make it more weather and heat resistant.

Always inquire about the type of glass before you buy windows in bulk. Trusted dealers of windows and doors have window and glass specifications mentioned on their websites.

Are Casement Windows Worth Your Money?

The great question remains, whether casement windows are a profitable investment or not! A simple answer to the question is: YES! Casement windows are great home equipment to invest in. That’s a major reason why casement windows are popular among users.

Casement windows can have two types of frames:

  • Wooden frames
  • Aluminum frames

We recommend you go with aluminum casement windows since window manufacturers argue they are more profitable than wooden ones. Wooden casement windows have become old-fashioned and require rigorous maintenance as well. They act as sites for black mold and brown rot. If wooden frames aren’t taken care of, they can undergo the following changes:

  • Wooden frames suffer a paint peel due to moisture
  • Wood cracks over time
  • Mold accumulation hollows and crumbles wood

Mold releases toxins in the air that are extremely dangerous for your respiratory health and lead to allergies like rhinitis and nasal congestion.

Here’s a list of advantages associated with aluminum frame windows:

1.   Easily Customizable:

Windows and door suppliers provide a list of designs that go well with aluminum casement windows. You can see for yourself the many ways you can design a casement window. These windows use aluminum frames which can be powdered into different colors. Some of the most popular window colors in 2021 are:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Brewers Blue

You can add a number of squares and types of openers to your windows based on your preference. Window manufacturers that customize casement windows for their customers try to incorporate their customer’s preferences to the fullest. You can also customize window glasses for casement windows.

2.   Affordable

Casement windows have been in business for long. Two-pane aluminum casement windows can cost you around $400-500. Much of their pricing depends on the window’s length. Larger casement windows cost more than standard casement windows.

Aluminum windows are also cheaper than wooden windows. This is because aluminum is a flexible, lightweight material that can be morphed into different shapes easily. To morph wood into other forms can be costly. Plus, it’s still going to be affected by mildew and mold.

Wood has different types like softwood and hardwood. For windows, you might need to decide which wood you would be going for. The costs of wood windows continue to climb as you choose sturdier hardwood options.

3.   Suits All Locations

Casements windows are the best options for almost all of your house locations. They can be installed in your kitchen, lounge, study room quite conveniently. Full-size casement windows in white are also trending this year since well-lit lounges and living rooms have become fashionable post-pandemic. Modern kitchen designs have a whole wall dedicated to kitchen windows. Go for aluminum windows with glass panels for a classy finish to your kitchen.

white wooden framed glass window

4.   Ventilation and Air Flow

Casement windows are the best for maximum ventilation. These windows are a signature item in airy living rooms. A casement window offers the full arc for ventilation. You can open them as much as you want or adjust time according to the breeze.

If you look at other windows, most of them have a fixed pane. You can only move these windows one way. Casement windows can be opened fully for superior ventilation. You can only open one pane if you want to control the airflow.

Casement windows work perfectly with single-, double-, and triple-glazed glass. They are a good fit with hurricane impact glasses as well.

5.   Energy Saving

When light falls on window glass, it either transmits heat energy inwards or outwards. Low emission from the glass surface means the glass radiates a lesser amount of heat. To make your windows offer thermal insulation, they will have to be e-coated. After e-coating, the window will radiate less amount of heat. The mechanism works perfectly for people residing in colder climates and higher altitudes.

Since your windows are now capable of trapping heat inside, your energy costs will be reduced.

Casement windows can only do you good if you install them in your house. They work perfectly with traditional and modern homes. Most importantly, they are adjustable to control ventilation and the passage of light. Aluminum windows installation services claim you can save up to 30% of your energy costs by installing aluminum windows and doors.

Casement windows come off as an excellent choice for commercial uses. They look perfect in a restaurant interior. Aluminum is a low-maintenance material, so you won’t have to spend much on maintaining your walls.

Go Eco-friendly with Aluminum

As a 100% recyclable product, aluminum tops sustainability charts. It’s way better than wood as it’s corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Current trends in sustainable products that produce less waste favor aluminum as the best material for window and door frames.

That being said, aluminum and casement windows both have a long list of advantages associated with them. Together, aluminum casement windows are the best investment for home décor.

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