All the Difference Between UPVC and Aluminum Doors

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Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors have started to be widely used in hotels and restaurants due to their great strength and durability. Revolving doors in malls and shopping centers are made of aluminum. They’re also good for offices and other commercial avenues since doors in such outlets must be used repeatedly. The doors are also much used in connection with the many different shades they can be powdered into.

Aluminum has always been one of the best metals to work with. Its lightweight, silver-like luster has always intrigued researchers. Some of the first products made with aluminum were medals produced in the era of Napoléon III.

It was in the 20th century that minimalism began to be introduced in architectural designs in the West. A major part of the minimalist tradition was an escape away from the gestural grandeur of the previous ages. The art was complex in terms of style but simple in texture and color. Most minimalist architecture plays around with the color white and its many shades.

Aluminum doors became popularly used in the 20th century due to their appeal and strength. Wood remained another go-to material for door designs. Aluminum doors were also a good match with famous 20th-century door styles like canopy and sliding doors. These doors weren’t grand. They were modern and minimal.

UPVC Doors

UPVC has been hailed as a quality material for doors. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is a readily available material used as a replacement for wood. It’s the same material used in pipes, plastic bottles, and construction. If plasticizers are not added to the material, then it’s called unplasticized PVC. Plasticizers are used to soften PVC. Since softness is not required in construction material, no plasticizers are added to doors.

UPVC is a lightweight material preferred for floors and door fittings. The British Research Establishment has estimated UPVC construction materials to have a lifespan of around 30 years. UPVC folding doors are known for good ventilation. This makes the product as competent as products like wood and aluminum for residential and commercial construction.

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If UPVC is as good as aluminum, why do more people choose aluminum over UPVC? Here’s a comparison of UPVC doors with aluminum doors:


Aluminum is corrosion-resistant. The surface of aluminum metal is covered with a fine layer of oxide that protects it from moisture. Since it is a metal, it is resistant to mold, mildew, and gradual decay. Aluminum doors may catch dust which can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth.

Aluminum is the ultimate product to endure the test of weather. The only drawback to the material is its capacity to transfer energy. Modern technology has also taken care of that.

Aluminum windows and doors manufacturing services design thermal break aluminum windows most suitable for thermal insulation. Thermal breaks ensure there is enough space between the frame and the glass that heat can be trapped in the cavity. Most thermal breaks are made of wood or polyamides.

Another option to add thermal insulation is to go with glazed windows. Three and four glass panes fixed at a distance in a holder in window frames assist minimum contact between windows and the glass. Research clearly shows quad glazed windows to reduce thermal energy passage to the maximum.

The Durability of UPVC Doors

UPVC equipment is considerably durable too. It’s corrosion-resistant and moisture-proof. UPVC is not readily affected by temperatures and survives for long. Despite all of its attributes, aluminum being a metal is more durable and stronger than UPVC. So, if your UPVC door is warranted to last 20 years, aluminum is hardcore enough to remain unaffected for 40 long years.

UPVC French doors come in multi-chambered frames adding to their strength. They look pristine at entrances in neutral shades of brown.


Aluminum doors have a sleek and sophisticated appearance. They are made for minimal fashion. They are even better in minimal colors of grey and white and go well with glass panels. Aluminum French doors are often installed to blend modern with traditional as French doors are a European classic. Aluminum louvered doors result in better airflow. They look appealing in all capacities, from bedrooms to study rooms.

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On the other hand, UPVC is known for its “woodgrain effect”. It gives a very convincing look of wood. That’s why it works as wood’s replacement in terms of appearance. Some shades of wood popular for UPVC doors are:

  • Cherry wood
  • Gumwood
  • Beechwood

Don’t go with woody shades if you want your UPVC to look modern. Sign-up for white as the base color paired with polished stainless-steel door handles. Other popular door handle shades are:

  • Matte black
  • Copper
  • Dark Bronze
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Aluminum doors may come off as costly for some. If you calculate the maintenance, repair costs, and annual expenditure on aluminum doors, you’ll realize the one-time investment in aluminum doors was worth every single penny. Costing also depends on the size, type, and glass you use for your door. A quad-glazed glass is more expensive than an e-coated glass.

Cost depends on the design you opt for too. An aluminum hinged door might not cost as much as a full wall aluminum sliding door.

All doors don’t look pleasant at all places. Your balcony will have no room for it if you install hinged doors there.

UPVC is cheaper than aluminum. A major reason for the situation is that it’s a polymer, while aluminum is a metal. The entire process of getting aluminum from the ore to your home involves labor and time. UPVC polymer is synthetically made with salt and oil. Its manufacturing cost is way lower than that of aluminum’s.

Experiment with Both!

It’s not written in stone that you can only opt for one. Based on your budget, you can pick both for different rooms and locations. For a classy entrance, get a white aluminum door designed. For your study room, you can go with contrasting shades of UPVC doors in gray and blue. Don’t forget to add door handles that complement the design of your doors!

Aluminum and UPVC doors are all trending this year, given their eco-friendly properties. Both materials can be recycled and renewed for future use. Their impact on the global waste collection is negligible as compared to wood.

Windows and door experts will be able to guide you best about windows and door designs for your home. The majority have a style guide on their websites to help you choose good door designs.

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