A Guide To Commercial Office Doors

Commercial Office Doors

Installation of quality doors is an important component of every office. Along with providing security, they greatly add to the visual appeal of the building. Choosing the right doors for commercial purposes is important; they should symbolize elegance and class. They must also have a professional appeal to them, and be an attractive entry point to the many visitors who come and go from your office.

Below we will discuss some types of doors ideal for commercial purposes:

Sliding doors

These doors are unique, and have an expansive top-to-bottom glass that allows for sunlight and provides clear views of the outside. The sleek and elegant appeal of these doors complements any architectural style.

Moreover, if your office has limited space, these doors would be the perfect fit as they don’t require much space. They are simply opened by gliding along a track! They are also easily accessible and a gentle push is all that’s required.

Sliding doorsFrench doors

If you’re looking to add a vintage touch to your office, French doors may be your best bet. You can customize them as you wish, and they can be great for commercial purposes and look unique. French doors nowadays come with security locks as well so your safety won’t be comprised, and you can buy high-protection glass to double down on the safety measures. They also offer a spacious entry point for all your colleagues and other visitors!

Lift slide doors

Lift slide doors can be a great added incentive to your office space as they comprise of a simple opening and closing operation. The roller system present in the door enables you to lift door panels. Moreover, lift slide doors allow you to get an ideal view, and there are various styles for you to choose from to match the architectural vibe of your office. These doors are also energy efficient. Another advantage is that they don’t need the floor space a traditional door does. They’ll make your office look sleek, spacious, and classy!

If you’re looking to buy a commercial office door, we can help! ORIDOW is located in China, and we are leading manufacturers of aluminum and UPVC sliding, French, and lift slide doors. Our experts will guide you through our array of door or window choices to optimize the visual appeal of your commercial spaces. Call now at 86 137 5516 7195.



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