5 Ways to Give Your Office Building a Revamped Look

Aluminum sliding doors installed in an office

Interior design and remodeling aren’t limited to your home. Oftentimes, it’s crucial to revamp your office space to achieve better professional results.

It is, however, sometimes difficult to make sense of the changes your office might need. Reworking a workspace requires close considerations of several factors. This is generally because, inside an office, different types of people work together. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep everyone in mind before making changes to the space layout.

Remodeling or revamping your office must have two main goals: Increased functionality and efficient utilization of the workspace. Studies reveal that a good workplace setting can boost employee performance by as much as 70%! Moreover, it can also lead to better employee health, engagement, and retention.

With so many benefits, why don’t you take out some time and rethink your office design?

To help you, we’ve curated this detailed guide which contains several ideas for office remodeling. So let’s get into them without further ado!

Key Points to Note

Something as trivial as redoing the furniture can be quite a big change inside an office. However, when trying to revamp the space, you must consider ideas more than just rearranging some desks.

From lighting, space layout, office furniture, and wall colors to efficient additions, such as aluminum doors and windows, a lot can be done to spruce up a boring office space.

1.   Blend in the Brand Colors

Let’s talk about this idea with an example. Have you ever googled Facebook or Amazon’s office spaces? They both integrate their brand colors everywhere. This is one of the best strategies to revamp the interior look and make employees feel more connected to the company.

The more brand color you blend into the space, more values and objectives will amalgamate into workers’ daily life. It will not only reflect positive company culture, but also help your staff build a consistent performance stream.

With more brand color and theme integration, employees feel personally and professionally moved and hence, are driven to promote a positive company image.

Some easy and effective ways to blend your brand colors into the office space is by painting a wall mural. Provide color-coordinated stationery and office supplies to the employers. Add quirky or sleek brand logos here and there.

2.   Color Code the Office Stationery

As we mentioned above, brand colors can play a really positive impact on your workspace. Similarly, having matching color stationery can help you make the space look organized and well-kept.

A study also revealed that an organized office space can increase workers’ focus and reduce distractions. It even helps them become more organized and disciplined in their personal life. What’s more, colors are proven extremely beneficial for enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills

For example, there are some colors that directly affect your mind, body, and soul. Red triggers attention and focus, whereas yellow is believed to boost a person’s happiness. Blue and green colors contribute to professionalism and balance, respectively. What’s more, according to Google, blue is the most productive color.

So why not try sprucing up your office with a blue wall or stylish accents?

3.   Add New Tech Infrastructure

Technological additions and features are making waves in organizations. And the companies that refuse to develop technologically aren’t able to perform well and keep up with the competition.

A stylish and sturdy aluminum front door

Hence, office designers can take this opportunity to ramp up their space with up-and-coming technological infrastructure. For example, wireless connections, digital devices, smart attendance machines, automated snack bars, and sensors are the most popular workplace additions.

These tools don’t just enhance employee performance and reduce the time consumed in doing manual work. They also help in making an office building securer, more functional, and above all, energy-efficient.

4.   Go Eco-Friendly

A recent study also revealed that aluminum doors and windows can reduce energy loss by as much as 50%. Moreover, statistics show that more than 65% of customers and clients prefer doing business with companies that adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices. As consumers and market demands become more environmentally conscious, your office can use some efficient upgrades too,

One of the most basic yet effective ways to increase energy efficiency inside your office building is to install aluminum doors and windows.

Without insulated and efficient doors and windows, a building cannot become efficient. It’s important to save on heating and cooling costs to reduce overall energy consumption. At ORIDOW, our commercial clients love office aluminum doors and windows. We design these beauties in various forms, shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Natural light flowing through aluminum and glass windows

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office without compromising its energy efficiency, opt for our modern aluminum sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and more. Couple these with our efficient aluminum frame windows for superior results.

5.   Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Don’t let your employees get bored or feel down during work hours. But how can you do that? A scientifically proven way to keep staff focused and energetic is to enhance natural light flow inside the office space.

Adding freshness and greenery into your workspace can trigger happy feelings in workers and motivate them to keep offering their best. Indoor plants and massive windows have become quite the rage these days. The main idea is to make an office interior as fresh and lively as possible.

By adding planters and aluminum framed glass windows, you can increase clean air ventilation and natural light across the floor. This will not just reduce energy costs and electricity bills, but also make your employees feel less stressed and anxious.

lounging area inside an office building

Another great way to make a workspace brighter and fresher is to design a layout with convenient mobility features. For example, avoid installing bulky doors and windows. Instead, opt for lightweight aluminum casement windows, French doors, lift and slide doors, or double hung windows to make movement easier for workers and visitors.

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