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5 Advantages of Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows

If you’re upgrading your home with modern windows and you’ve chosen aluminum as the material, you’re already halfway toward a great decision. Aluminum window frames are generally more durable, easy to maintain, and pretty classy.

But you know what they’re not typically great at? Insulation. If you really want to keep heat inside or out, and energy costs to a minimum, your typical sleek aluminum windows need an upgrade.

Yes, we’re talking thermally broken aluminum windows.

What Are Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows?

Now, you may be wondering why we’re suggesting anything that has the word broken. But we’re not recommending broken glass—we’re suggesting thermal breaks in windows!

A thermally broken window has thermal breaks (this can be a material that stops heat or cold from sneaking through) inserted between the metal frame’s separated parts. Basically, a thermal break essentially separates the exterior and interior parts of a window. This way, the path through which heat energy could travel is “thermally broken.”

Here’s Why You Must Install Them 

Lower Energy Bills

We’ll be the first to admit, this was indeed our biggest motivation to install these magical windows. Energy-efficient windows like these ones help lower energy costs by 10% to 25%.

This makes them an incredible investment. Most of us don’t realize it, but there’s a major burden placed on our HVAC systems due to non-energy efficient windows. Not to mention the constant discomfort because of the indoor temperature never being right.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

If you care about climate change, you should understand that even the least of our efforts in conserving energy can go a long way in saving the planet.

By installing thermally broken aluminum windows, you’ll be able to conserve energy and thus reduce your carbon footprint.

More Secure

Thermally broken windows have an extra layer of security. They are much stronger and protect your house from intruders and elements alike.

The thermal breaks also act as an additional barrier to moisture. This helps reduce the chances of condensation.

Better Sound Proofing

Whether you live on a busy street and want to keep out the noise or you wish to play your stereo without a care in the world, thermal break aluminum windows are your saviors.

They conduct noise 1,000 times slower than your average aluminum windows, so basically, you’ll be soundproofing your house by installing them too.

Increased Durability

Windows are your connection to the outdoors. They’re also your first line of defense against the outdoor elements, which means that your window needs to be able to withstand rainwater, strong winds, and even flames!

The average window will corrode, rust, or get moldy as time passes, but thermally broken windows are a lot less affected by natural elements and will last significantly longer.

If you still have questions or would like to get a quote for your new windows, reach out to us, at Oridow. We provide excellent aluminum window manufacturing services.

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