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4 Reasons You Should Always Choose Large Windows For Your House

As you begin designing the interior and exterior of your new dream house, consider installing large windows to your design outlay. Windows, both small and large, are a crucial component of any property’s architecture, and you can choose from an array of sizes and styles according to your home’s aesthetics. 

However, glass walls or super large windows offer a range of benefits that standard-sized windows cannot. These windows are tinted with safety window films that make them highly durable. They protect you, your family, your furniture, and other valuables from harmful ultraviolet radiation, while also keeping your home comfortable and cool. Made using superior quality material and tint, these windows reduce the solar heat inside your home, allowing your air conditioning to rest, and ultimately reducing your energy bills. Large glass windows are not only incredibly functional, but they also take your home’s ambiance to the next level by making it look brighter, more spacious, clean, and classy!

If you’re still doubtful about installing wall-sized aluminum frame windows, here are some benefits they could bring to your home and your life. 

Allow Natural Light Into Your Home

Round Brown Wooden 5-piece Dining Set in Room

Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow natural daylight to make its way into your home without any hindrance. Natural light boosts the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of your home. It can add life to an otherwise dull interior. In addition to enhancing the look and feel of your interiors, natural light exposure has several health benefits, as confirmed by the Harvard Business Review

According to a survey report by Future Workplace, more than 1600 workers rated access to outdoor views and daylight as their utmost desire in their office environment. Though it’s your home and not a workplace, this research shows the positive effects natural light has on your mental and emotional health. Another study showed a positive correlation between natural light exposure and good-quality sleep. 

Furthermore, natural light is an excellent source for your skin to absorb Vitamin D. It is a crucial nutrient that significantly reduces your risk of bone loss, cardiac diseases, obesity, and various types of cancers. You don’t need to step out in the sun to absorb your daily dose of Vitamin D, which also exposes you to ultraviolet rays from the sun. You can enjoy UV-filtered sunlight inside your bedroom or lounge by installing floor-to-ceiling aluminum sliding windows. 

In addition to the health benefits and aesthetics, natural light inside your home will reduce your need for artificial lighting all the time, saving you hundreds of dollars in electricity bills.

Closer to Natural Beauty and Scenic Views

Woman Laying Down on Bed Inside Room

Large glass windows bring you closer to nature. Imagine waking up in your bedroom to the mild golden sunlight, flying birds, and natural greens right outside your window. Such a glorious view first thing in the morning will make your entire day. On the ground floor, large wall-sized windows allow you to enjoy the views of your beautiful landscape, and on an elevated floor, you can literally be in the clouds. You might even be able to view the mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and oceans, depending on where you live. Staying close to nature for the most part of your day will instill peace and calm in your life. Large aluminum frame windows will become the center of attraction of your space, and you can even capitalize on it when listing your house in the market for sale.  

Excellent Source of Passive Solar Heat

large-window.jpg (864×771)

If designed and positioned strategically, large glass windows can make for an excellent source of passive solar heat. Your windows will absorb direct heat from the sun throughout the day and equally distribute it across every room and area in your home. Passive solar heating is an incredible way to increase comfort inside your home with consistent temperatures and prevent hot and cold spots. It will also minimize the load on your HVAC system, dramatically reducing your energy costs.

Make Small Spaces Look Larger

Turned-off Pendant Lamp

If you thought large windows are only suitable for extravagant mansions and expansive spaces, you are mistaken. Large wall-sized glass windows are ideal for smaller rooms and congested areas. They make them appear more spacious and less cramped up. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow an unhindered outdoor space view, which gives a feel as if your room is part of the outdoors, making it appear bigger. 

If you are looking to install large aluminum frame windows, aluminum sliding doors, or aluminum sliding windows to glorify your home, get in touch with ORIDOW. The company manufactures superior quality UPVC doors and windows, screens and shutters, and various aluminum windows and doors. Headquartered in China, ORIDOW offers a range of products to provide convenience to its clients. The company caters to homeowners, builders, traders, contractors, retailers, and wholesalers across Southeast Asian and Caribbean countries. 

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