Winter Ready – Insulating Your Home for the Season

Seal the doors

If you live in a northern climate, trying to keep warm during the winters must be a challenging feat. It does cost a lot to stay warm it seems, on top having to make your daily commute in ice and snow. How would you feel in finding the house warm and toasty after coming from a full day of work? Grateful and downright glad! It costs money to keep warm, but if you live in an older house or one that has very bad insulation, the gas or electricity bill can skyrocket every month! So, what can be done in order to get out of this? Will installing UPVC windows and doors by Oridow help homeowners not only to keep warm during winter but also to help manage their costs? Following are some surefire tips that will increase insulation in the home;

You Can Seal the Doors

Any door that opens from the outside is source where heat can escape from. In addition, gaps will form between the cold outside and the warmth inside if doors aren’t fitted properly to frame. Usually these gaps can be found at the bottom of the door. Therefore, it’s the first place to look for and fix with help from a draft excluder or tube of insulation.

Draft excluders can be easily bought at most hardware or home improvement stores in a number of shapes, sizes and designs.

You Can Insulate Your Window Panes

The glass on most windows isn’t (surprisingly) 100% effective when it comes to heat from escaping the home. Heat may be flying right out the windows (if very old), but this can be prevented. Grab some window insulation film and tape it up on the window. The transparent barrier of the tape will prevent heat and warm air from escaping the windows.

You may have to replace the old windows with new ones if conditions aren’t good. Installing energy efficient UPVC windows like the ones offered by Oridow is a good option.

You Can Wrap Your Hot Water Tank

An effective way to save money and energy during winter is by installing proper insulation on water tanks in your home. This option, however, doesn’t apply to homeowners with a tank-less water heater (turn to UPVC doors and windows, instead). But for those, with a tank-style water heater, installing proper installation can do wonders for your electricity bill as well as heat transfer.

Purchase an insulation blanket from the local hardware or home improvement store and wrap it around the tank. This will help lower the energy that would have been used to keep the water hot.

It requires a great deal of diligence to make your home energy efficient, regardless of the weather. With the right supplies and enough time on your hands, making your home more energy efficient isn’t very difficult. Of course if you would rather have the professionals handle this, Oridow is the best manufacturer to purchase quality UPVC windows and doors from, that help lower the bill each month as well as make your home look stylish.



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