Patio Doors – Hinged vs. Sliding Patio Doors


You need to keep beauty as well as functionality in mind when deciding on what to install when it comes to assessing the patio or deck from the interior of your home. Getting started is half the battle; but take a sigh of relief as Oridow, the largest manufacturer of UPVC doors and windows in China, offers UPVC patio doors in both styles.

Which UPVC Patio Door to Choose?

The patio door which complements the interior of your home and space, i.e. transforms the look and function should be considered. Here’s what homeowners need to know when looking for the ideal patio door for their home;

Sliding Patio Doors

This type of patio door has at least two glass panels; one which is stationary (unmoving) and the other that slides open on a track. Additionally, homeowners can find two frame styles of this door, i.e. contemporary and French. Oridow offers French patio sliding doors that provide homes with a more traditional look.

One good thing about sliding patio doors is that they don’t swing, rather, slide open. This makes them an excellent choice for smaller rooms.

Sliding patio doors typically come equipped with a sliding screen door, which is the added benefit of this style. Screen doors are ideal for keeping the bugs out while allowing the breeze to filter in.

KitchenHinged Patio Doors                                                    

Hinged patio doors offer one or two panels as well but many have the option of swing in or out. Hinged patio doors that have two glass panels are able to swing open from the center and are referred as French doors.

Multiple panels can be incorporated on hinged patio doors by mixing hinged and/or fixed panels which help increase natural light and air flow.

Just like sliding patio doors, homeowners can find these in contemporary and French styles as well. They help add classic elegance to any room, creating the perfect transition between the indoor and outdoor living space.

Which Patio Door Style Is Better?

Both styles of patio doors have their own unique benefits; but when it comes to choosing the best one for your home, the patio door that complements the architectural style, functionality and décor of your home should be considered. Smaller spaces for example are complemented best by sliding doors while you can install hinged doors in big and spacious rooms.

Budget and quality of materials used on the doors should also be considered. Oridow factors in all these benefits, also offering energy efficiency. We offer UPVC patio doors and UPVC windows as well to homeowners looking for a stylish, yet budget friendly and energy efficient ways, to make their home look inviting and beautiful.




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