Why Your uPVC Windows are Cracking (Answering window frame cracking sound)


As a company that offers the complete package for all customers who want the best in uPVC windows for their homes, we at Oridow have been asked time and again as to why windows crack.

Many homes nowadays make use of uPVC double-glazed windows for their homes to not only keep their homes insulated but also to keep their indoors protected from any weather elements. However, because of some factors, these windows tend to form cracks.

So to help you understand the reasons behind your uPVC window cracking, we at Oridow provide you with a few reasons to remember the next time you opt for double-glazed windows for your home.

Improper Window Installation

Popping sound, and cracking of windows can result from poor installation of windows. If a vinyl siding installed in a different frame, then the jamb aluminum siding of the frame can bend inward and pressure the window sashes.

Also, if there is edge damage to the inner panes (or poorly installed vinyl siding) of replacement windows, then that nick can spread slowly and increase over time. This would escalate the popping noises or popping sounds. Improper vinyl siding installation can cause a window frame cracking sound and loss of energy efficiency.

Weather Elements

If your home is located in an area where the temperature fluctuates too much during the day, then that can add to the stress of the glass material. Thermal stress is a root cause of glass expansion, and because the glass has no place to expand, this event causes the glass to shatter.

Windows made of low e glass are coated with a microscopically thin layer that is both transparent and reflective of heat.

To monitor these factors, you need to take in some other instances that can let you know whether your uPVC installation has failed.

What Should You Look For?

  • Condensation
  • Leaks
  • Draughts


Condensation in uPVC windows can be fixed by paying attention to different aspects of your home, such as the use of the room, the temperature of the inside and outside, the ventilation, and the number of people in the room.

In the case of ventilation, you can use a dehumidifier to reduce it. Although it is always best to have high-quality windows in your home to start with.


If leaks are coming from the frame, then it could be that the weather seals in your window failed to block the drainage. The best way to deal with this situation is to replace the weather seals and keep the new windows clean in case of blockage. However, contacting the company that provided you with the windows is still better.


Draughts mean that the seals in your window have broken down or have lost their elasticity over the years.

In the case of draughts, hiring a professional is your best option because you must fill the area between the wall and the frame to eliminate the cracks. You can get a free estimate first and then plan to get it fixed.

Plastic Does Expand on Warmer Days

Plastic has the property of swelling when exposed to high temperatures, which is one of its defining properties. Even if it’s just a tiny bit, temperature fluctuations will cause it to grow and shrink as time goes on. Does this imply that the same thing will occur with the PVCu double-glazed windows you set your heart on placing in your old house?

Existing Damages to the Pvcu Windows

The fact that PVCu windows may already have damage is one cause they perform poorly when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Suppose any of the components of your PVCu windows sustain damage. In that case, even if it is only mild scrapes or scratches on the windows or a small fracture in the frame, this may impair how effectively it can maintain its structural integrity in the face of adverse weather and climatic conditions.

Investing in double or even triple-glazing PVCu windows (or vinyl siding) from a firm with a lot of knowledge and many decades of serving time in the field dealing with these materials is another way to prevent this problem and save money simultaneously.

Are Pvcu Double-Glazed Windows Subject to Cracking, Warping, and Creaking in the Summer?

PVCu is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to conventional window frames made of wood. This is mostly because it does not need nearly as much upkeep or care to continue functioning well year after year.

Because of its inherent properties, wood has the propensity to bend and warp in response to changes in temperature and humidity, which is one of the reasons why so many people are dissatisfied with wooden windows. That, in addition to the fact that window frames need to be treated and cleaned consistently using certain materials.

PVCu, on the other hand, maybe maintained with nothing more than a clean, moist cloth and a solution of a little detergent and water. Yet, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings concerning PVCu windows, and such myths and misunderstandings may discourage you from purchasing them.

For instance, you could have heard horror tales of PVCu windows having similar difficulties. Or, you might simply want to know precisely what you’re getting when you purchase them.

Are PVCu double-glazed windows creak, crack, and warp in the summer? That was the first question presented, and if you know even a little bit about plastic, you will realize that this is a perfectly reasonable concern.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your eye on these points can keep your window from damaging further and can increase the longevity of your windows. Want to know more? Then contact Oridow and get to know more on how you can take care of your uPVC windows and doors and get a free quote.



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