Why Aluminum Casement Windows Are A Good Choice For Your Home?

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Professional home designers have to keep in mind various factors and rules of interior designing when designing a new home or remodeling an older one.

They take great care in following all the rules of modern home design and construction, yet forego two important things: material and type of windows used in the design of the home.

Aluminum Windows – The Obvious Choice In Modern Home Designs?

By every account, your windows should get the most attention when designing your home. Even though there is an array of window types, people often choose to re-install the standard and safe choices.

Open any home interior design and décor catalogue today and you’ll find aluminum windows have increased in popularity.

Why? Interior designers and homeowners have an array of aluminum window TYPES to choose from, according to the style and design of the home! The choices range from:

  • Bi Fold Aluminum Windows
  • Casement Aluminum Windows
  • Tilt and Turn Aluminum Windows
  • Sliding Aluminum Windows

In the following, we discuss the many perks of casement styled aluminum windows.


Compared to other building materials, aluminum is a stronger and tougher metal. This is why it’s the most used material in the fabrication of aluminum casement windows. The durable qualities of this metal ensure manufacture of a long lasting and secure framework.

window types oridowAvailability of Different Colors and Variety

Modern casement windows can be found in a myriad of sizes, colors and designs. This is the reason why aluminum casement windows are able to complement or even enhance any home style and design. Oridow offers aluminum casement designs that are powder coated, anodized and treated for heat transfer (for wood grain). 9 incredibly beautiful and unique design options are also available along with 5 standard and 15 optional colors.

Expanded Market Share

Aluminum windows hold a fairly large chunk of the commercial and residential building market, due to their many aesthetic and utility qualities. Aluminum casement windows are the first choice for architects and professional interior designers as well, due to the amazing variety in styles and design that aluminum door manufacturers offer.

Significant Noise Reduction

Aluminum casement windows have more mass; therefore, weigh significantly more compared to building materials like plastic or vinyl. This is why homeowners who live on busy streets should consider investing in a good quality aluminum window as they keep out external noise. They are usually outfitted with double glazed glass panels and 20mm Argon-filled gaps that ensure a far quieter environment.

Remodeling your home or office according to modern architecture and design? Install aluminum casement windows and see the beautiful result! Oridow offers uPVC solution products for professionals in the home construction and design business as well!



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