Want Utility And Aesthetics In One Door? Install A uPVC French Door!

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French doors have long been an addition to old home designs due to the aesthetic kick they can easily bring to any design.

In recent years, French doors have made a popular comeback! Whether installed as interior doors or as a pathway to an outdoor garden, interior designers have had great fun implementing French door designs in old and new home constructions.

Did you know French doors can provide a host of other qualities besides aesthetic value?

French Doors –A Design Feature in Themselves

Looking to transform the look of a room? Install French doors. Want to let in natural sunlight and provide guests view of your beautiful garden? Install French doors!

Want to lower electricity bills and increase your house’s insulation? Yes, install French doors.

Install uPVC French Doors to Be Exact

uPVC technology is fast making its name as the most energy efficient material. This is why French doors constructed with this special plastic offers aesthetic qualities as well as utility in great abundance!

Homeowners also have the option of buying modern styled French doors and replacing them with their old ones. Oridow is one of the leading manufacturers of modern styled French doors which offer:

  • Improved insulation and energy efficiency
  • Improved home security
  • Reduce in maintenance
  • Improved durability

Find High Quality French Doors at Affordable Costs

Affordability, durability, and heightened security are the three important factors that homeowners and interior designers look for when buying French (or any for that matter) doors. Oridow provides it all, coupled with high quality uPVC that brings aesthetics and utility to homes and offices.

Optimal insulation ensures that the doors and windows offer improved energy efficiency which in turn reduces noise pollution and helps filter outside pollutants.

ideal french doorHome Design Ideas with French Doors

There’re numerous ways French doors can be used in a home’s design. For instance, you can fit opaque glass to your French doors to increase privacy in the office.

Use of tinted glass for French doors in the kitchen or sitting room is also a good idea.

French doors can also be used as a divider between rooms? The door helps connect rest house of the house with backyard or garden as well.

Choose between louvered or sliding French doors to make the most of a room with limited space. Place indoor potted plants alongside the door as that will accentuate connection between your garden and the inside.

Thinking about installing a uPVC French door to your new construction? Get in touch with Oridow and find the perfect door according to your building’s or home’s design requirements!



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