Wholesaler / Retailer

If you are a windows and doors wholesaler, or interested to distribute windows and doors in your country,  we are the one-shop supplier you are looking for. You will find all the windows and doors required in the market, not only uPVC, but also aluminum. We can fabricate the windows according to your local climate and market. 

VEKA uPVC Profile Systems

We get VEKA profile from VEKA Plastics (Shanghai) Co.Ltd.  It not only produce uPVC profiles according to European Standards, but is also an AAMA certified Production Plant.

DIMEX uPVC Profile Systems

DIMEX is a German brand. DIMEX (TaiCang) has sliding window & door 60/70/88/127, casement & TT 60AD/60MD/65MD. Beside, DIMEX(TaiCang) also provides ASA/PVC co-extrusion profile, lamination profile and color coated profile.

DIMEX uPVC Profile

Certificates of DIMEX Profile

Aluminum Profile Systems

We are the agent of Jihua aluminum, so we are able to provide the full line of Jihua brand profile at direct price. At the same time, the customization aluminum window systems are available too.

uPVC or Aluminum?

The choice of uPVC or aluminum should be determined according to the specific situation, especially weather should be considered as the primary condition. No matter uPVC or aluminum, both of them have their own advantages, and you should choose the profile according to your own situation. 

In brief, we suggest uPVC windows or thermal break aluminum windows for cold areas. For the coastal windy areas, aluminum windows are the first choice. For a rainy area, uPVC windows are better than aluminum windows.

To learn more about the difference between uPVC & Aluminum, this Choosing between uPVC & Aluminum windows and doors blog will help you. 

Hardware Options

We use top-brand hardware systems, ROTO, Kinglong, and HOPO. For each window type, we are able to provide different hardware system based on your budget and request. 

Glass Options

We cooperate with Fujian Xinfuxing Group, which is a Chinese top-10 building glass.