The Ultimate Guide to Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows, also called jalousie (the French word for jealousy) windows, consist of an arrangement of materials that include parallel and horizontal blades, slats, and slips of glass or wood. These are structured to allow ventilation and sunlight in homes or workplaces. They are typically used in windows to allow the flow of air and light, hence penetrating open spaces with sunshine and keeping moisture out.

When designed correctly, they can make your home or workplace stand out, as these windows embody a unique combination of modern and vintage.

Are you trying to decide if louvre windows are a good fit for you? Below we will discuss a few factors that might help:

They are relatively easier to clean

One of the best features of louvre windows is that you can easily clean it from inside your home or building—convenient, right? All you have to do is simply open the window and then clean both sides of the blades.

Before you start, you need to decide whether your louvre window needs to be washed, dusted, or polished (if you want it to sparkle!). Note that if you wish to wash it, you need to allow an ample of time to complete the task, as it can’t be polished until completely dry.

They are energy efficient

These windows will automatically make you turn your air conditioning and lights off, as they naturally serve that purpose. They will keep your home or workplace at a comfortable temperature, saving you from those long electricity bills and other such similar running costs. They are also a great alternative to the exhaust fans in your bathroom, allowing the steamy air to escape after your hot showers!

They keep your privacy in check   

As these windows allow you to adjust the blades as you please, you are free to choose how much you show of yourself or your home to the outside world.

If you’re taking a nap and wish to shut the windows, or you want that ideal mid-flow of sunlight in your room- it’s totally up to you to decide. These windows are versatile and will fit your personal needs. Moreover, if you choose to add fly screen or mosquito nets, you’ll be free of menacing insects too!

ORIDOW is a company in China that provides a range of unique windows and doors, with a range of different designs and colors. Along with our louvre or jalousie windows, we also offer a variety of aluminum and UPVC windows. Please visit our website for more information, and choose that perfect window to elevate your home and workplace.



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