Tips To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy Effect

Your home is much more than a living arrangement for you and your family.

It’s a system that contributes (or is harmful) to the environment, as a whole.

When people install energy efficient appliances in their homes and focus on sustainable and cost-saving household practices, they are not only saving their money and improving performance, but also helping the environment.

Making a home energy efficient, however, requires much more than buying and installing appliances that promise less energy usage. The following are additional ways that homeowners can implement when it comes to reducing energy imprint in their homes.

Hang Clothes Out to Dry

According to a report by Saving Electricity, a website that includes information of electrical usage and how energy and money can be saved, the average clothes dryer uses about 3.3 kilowatt hours of energy and an estimated 11 cents per kilowatt hour, in terms of costs.

This means it’s better to air-dry your clothes than place the load in your clothes dryer! Not only will the sun’s UV light eliminate dust mites and bacteria, but you’ll also save up on energy.  

Upgrade or Replace Windows

Have you ever thought of replacing your windows to a modern design? Well, it’s a good idea to do so as you’ll find many energy efficient models in the market today. In fact, uPVC storm windows and sliding doors/windows have become popular when it comes to energy efficiency.

Moreover, reckons that replacing a window to a newer model helps save up to 7-24% of heating and air-conditioning bills.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

It makes sense to install a programmable thermostat if your home has central heating because turning the thermostat up or down (according to the weather outside) does make a difference. Yes, you won’t feel much difference, but your wallet sure will!

A programmable thermostat will also give you more control over the temperature throughout the day.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Sunlight provides us with essential Vitamin D. Who knew natural light could also help lower our utility bills? Yes, take advantage of sunlight by installing large windows on your home’s northern side as that’ll help utilize the sun’s warmth and light as much as possible.

To keep the inside cool (on hot days), install awnings, blinds or eaves that will block the sun.

Light ScalePlug Appliances into a Power Bar

Many home appliances consume energy even when in stand-by mode. This accounts for nearly 10% of the electricity bill which can be prevented by either shutting down appliances completely or plugging them into a power bar. By doing the latter, switching off an appliance when not in usage only requires the press of one button.

Following the above won’t seem much to you, not because these tips won’t prove to be useful in making your home more energy efficient but anyone can implement them in their home.

Head over to Oridow if you’re a professional interior designer, looking for energy efficient doors and windows.



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