Quick Patio Décor Ideas

A Patio with chairs and a table

There is so much you can do with a patio. It’s that space in the house where the whole family sits and chills with a cup of coffee in the winters or where you find some alone time for yourself cuddled up on a chair with a book.Also, when it’s summertime, your outdoor patio space is a great spot to entertain friends and family. Either way, a patio has multiple benefits, whether it’s small or big, and one of the best parts of having one is decorating it. There are so many ways you can spruce up and revamp your patio, and some simple ones are mentioned below.

A Formal Dining Space

If you’re someone who likes to host a lot of formal parties and have a decently sized patio,why not use it to entertain your guests. You can set up an outdoor dining table as a permanent feature on your patio and maybe throw in a nice table runner and centerpiece to finish the look. If you already have a grill or bar in your backyard, then that would just add to the fun.

A patio with chairs and a table

Plant a Vegetable or Flower Garden

Plants have a special way of making your outdoors stand out. Ifyou have a small, paved patio that also gets a lot of sun, you can surely convert that into a vegetable or flower garden. You can get some elevated planters, containers, and pots and make your own little garden space by watering and harvesting in them. To view your beautifully grown patio garden keep your sliding doors open and enjoy from inside your home.To get a better view, open any vertical sliding windows you have that overlook the patio and get a beautiful garden view from inside your house.

Connect the Patio and Indoors

Some houses may have a patio space that is bigger than their indoor sitting area. In this case, you can open up your sliding aluminum doors that connect your patio and inside and make a huge connected space. The advantage of this is that you can decorate the patio with some chairs for those who want to sit outside during a party, and the rest of the guests can chill indoors.

Quick Shaded Picnic Setup

Whether your patio is paved or has grassy patched areas, you can always throw in a picnic mat, pull up a large outdoor umbrella next to it, or use a giant sheet as a sail shade. This will be the perfect setup for a family picnic at home, where you can also enjoy the calm outdoors.

Hammock and Reading nook

Buy a hammock and tie it to the corners of your patio for a great summer look. Along with this, add a small round table next to it and setup some of your favorite books and magazines, and you have your own private reading nook ready. With this cute little setup, you can easily move things aroundand play with ideas according to your mood. If you have your parents over, add a rocking chair alongside the hammock and enjoy some family time.

A poolside patio with chairs and a table

Pool Side Patio Chairs

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard and a small, paved patio as well, there is so much you do to make the most of it. Get some lounging chairs for the patio so you can relax and soak up the heat after taking a dip in the pool. Also, put a bar cart next to the chairs for drinks and maybe some towel storage when the cart isn’t being moved around. If your cart is big enough you can use it to store swimsuits, tan lotion and other swimming essentials as well. You can also add some storage cabinets on your poolside patio to keep swimsuits, tan lotion floats, and other things needed for the pool. This way, your patio can have a proper pool house setup.

Setup a Kids Play Area

Many people may not realizeit, but the patio is a great space to entertain kids, even if it’s small. You can put up a few of the kid’s outdoor toys in a storage box and place some of their plastic swings to keep them busy. If you want it to look more proper, then add a play mat for the little ones to crawl on, preferably something waterproof and easy to clean after harsh weather. This is a quick play area setup, and you can move around things as you like.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Every foodie with a backyard must have a bbq grill. If your patio is big enough for you to host dinners,you can create a bbq setup. Put in your bbq grill, set up a corner for your cooking utensils and coal, and add up some foldable chairs and table. This setup is quick and moveable for when the weather gets bad. If you want to make it fancier, always have a brick oven installed and go all out with your décor.

DIY Things for Your Patio

Sometimes finding the right kind of furniture for your patio can be difficult, especially if you’reon a tight budget. In this case, you can opt for DIY. Build your own furniture by getting wooden pallets and build a bench according to your space and dimensions. You can then add some furry pillows and sheets to fluff it up and make it a cozy seating area. Then, you can place a small rug and put planters all around it to give it a casual touch.

Install Aluminum Doors and Windows

Aluminum doors and windows are very popular these days. They are available in multiple colors and style options, are customizable and easy to clean. When you are planning your platio décor, one way to get a new look would be to install aluminum doors. Sliding aluminum doors are a good option because when you open them, you can connect both your indoor space and patio to get a big entertainment area. If you’d like to add a pop of color to your décor, opt for colorful aluminum doors or windows and set up your patio with lots of coorful chairs and a brightly colored rug to complete the look.

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