Classy Window Cleaning: Jalousie Window Cleaning Tips

Keep It Classy And Clean: Jalousie Window Cleaning Tips

Windows are an integral part of your house they do not only provide you with an outside view, but also give outsiders and passerby a glimpse of your lifestyle.

If this view is blocked by dust and dirt then you are not only staying unaware of the nature’s beauty, but are also portraying a lazy home owner image in the neighborhood who avoid basic cleaning like gutter cleaning or home window cleaning.

There are numerous companies in Dayton Ohio offering these services but choosing from them is a headache.

To make things easier for you here is a complete guide on classy window cleaning of jalousie windows.

Avoid On The Spot Cleaning

The smart design of jalousie windows allows the widow panels to be removed. If you try cleaning it while its attached to the other panel, it will just transfer the dirt and gunk to the other panes.

Dirt mixed with water and solution might travel to the edges and damage the aluminum mechanism.

Assess Before You Clean

Before you begin the ultimate cleaning process determine the health of your window. See if any screws are loose or glass broken.

If a part is lose or out of place then it can cause damage to the window pain and yourself during the window panel detachment process. If necessary apply lubricant to the window mechanism to facilitate movement.

Removal Process

In order to safely remove the glass panel angel it at 45 degrees. Then gently ease them out of position and place them in a secure location.

Things Required For Classy Window Cleaning

  • A tub or water or a water spray or shower
  • Detergent preferably the dish washer kind
  • 4-5 cotton rags that are clean and free of dust and fiber particles

The Classy Window Cleaning Process

  • Cleaning ProcessDetach the glass window panels one at a time.
  • Gently place them in a tub full of water and detergent solution.
  • Let them soak for a while.
  • Rinse each panel with the help of a shower (you may use power washing services).
  • Carefully place the clean window panels on the towel, and let them dry until you wash the other panels as well.
  • Once you are done with all the panels, wipe both the sides with help of a clean cotton rag and set them aside to air dry.
  • Place them back in to the window sections to get clean windows.

After Classy Window Cleaning

Ensure that you have properly placed the glass panels; recheck all the screws and window mechanism functionality. Test the panels by angling them at different positions.

Classy Window Cleaning Window Exterior Without Leaving Streaks

If you are familiar with proper window cleaning techniques, you will be happy to learn that restoring natural light to your space is not difficult.

To provide a helping hand, we have compiled five pointers on how to clean windows both inside and out so that your space can once again benefit your mental health.

Remove cobwebs and dust from the room

Before you begin making your windows sparkle again, you should first pull down your blinds and curtains so that you have easy access to your unclean windows.

Next, using a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner, clear the dust and spider webs off your windows’ frames, windowsills, and corners.

If you take the time to clear away dust and remove spiderwebs before using any cleaning solution, you won’t have to worry about creating a muddy mess when the dirt mixes with the liquid.

Using various specialized tools, clean the outside windows

Getting you exterior windows cleaned may be challenging; nevertheless, a variety of tools available on the market can make your life simpler. This is particularly important to remember if your house has multiple levels.

Cleaning your windows from the exterior of your home will be much simpler than you would think if you have a window washing pole that telescopes.

A telescopic window washing pole enables you to reach every part of your exterior windows and restore the shine to the glass.

It has a double-headed head that can be used as either a squeegee or a sponge, and it telescopes so that it can be stored in a compact space. Use power washing cleaning services if you are not able to do this task on your own.

Select a cloudy day for classy window cleaning

When you have mastered classy window cleaning without leaving streaks, it is time to begin performing miracles on your filthy windows.

Be certain that you are altering your windows when it is overcast before you proceed with that step.

Intense sunlight will rapidly dry your windows before you can clean them, resulting in the dreaded streaks you do not want to happen.

Adding ice cubes to a glass of water is a time-honored remedy for cooling down on a warm summer day.

On the other hand, a day with low temperatures might provide just as many challenges as a hot day.

The water will immediately freeze, which will cause several difficulties. Consider using water that has been heated if it is cold outdoors.

Where To Get A Classy Jalousie Window?

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We can also provide you with an estimate of your project within 24 hours, a design that is adaptable to the material and size of your windowpanes.



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