Jalousie Window: To Be Or Not To Be (includes how to replace a jalousie window)

Jalousie Window

Windows are the eye to your home, it is essential that you choose the right kind. The primary function of a window is to provide a proper view, ventilation, and protection from the world.

But the current trends of window placement and styles have changed drastically. Gone are the days when people invested in robust windows for their durability.

Nowadays, people want style and functionality and Jalousie windows are definitely here to deliver both. The coming sections will highlight detailed information about jalousie windows and how to replace a jalousie window.

What Is A Jalousie Window?

A classy window style that gained popularity in 1960s, with time some modifications were made to the design to make it adaptable to the climate change.

A jalousie window has horizontal sections which can be opened or closed at an angle of your choice. They are suitable for houses located in regions with warm summer and mild winters.

To make the investment easier for you here are some pros and cons of Jalousie windows.

How Does It Work? 

Jalousie windows consist of louvered glass panes that are layered in an over-lapping manner. The top of a panel is in line with the bottom of the above panel, this allows the home owners to open theses panel with the help of a crank.

By simply turning the crank you can change the angle of the panel, and even make it completely horizontal to enjoy unobstructed view.

How Does It Work

There are options in the material of the panel, some might use aluminum and others might offer them in various hard materials to increase the durability of the window.

Benefits Of Jalousie Window

Rain Friendly

The slanted panel setting prevents the rain from getting inside the house, allowing you to keep your windows open in light rain and enjoy the nice weather.

Better Ventilation

In comparison to single or double hung window, a jalousie window allows better airflow with the help of its numerous openings. In hung windows you can open half the window space one at a time.

Easy Repair

In case your slat or panel is damaged the repair is easy and localized in a single part of the window. You can simply detach the specific section and repair or replace it. On the other hand, if a traditional window gets damaged, the complete windowpane needs to be replaced. This makes jalousie window repair and maintenance easy and cost effective.

Easier To Decorate And Renovate

The glass pane can be easily replaced to match the aesthetic of your room and decoration. You can easy replace them with wood, aluminum, or other colored material to give your windows a customized touch (even in case you have a broken glass).

Downside Of A Jalousie Window

Lack Of Water Resistance

Solid widows without slating panel defiantly provide more protection to rain and snow, therefore the chances of water seeping in through openings is really high.

Insulation Problems

Jalousies windows have numerous opening which allows the heat to escape from your house; this makes them limited to sunrooms for homes located in cold climates and considered best for air conditioning.

How Can Oridow Make Jalousie Windows Better?  

Make Jalousie Windows BetterAs mentioned earlier this classic design needed modification to be adapted to the modern home setting. We have got some easy solution to fix all insulation and water resistance problems.

  • Our jalousie window design is installed with EPDM gasket that makes it water proof.
  • The gasket between the jalousie window frames and panel to reduce the fraction, and limit damage to the structure.
  • The foldable louver blades can move to any angle to prevent outside elements from entering the metal housings, metal wedge or metal tab.
  • We use low-E glass to prevent heat loss in cold regions.
  • You can also attach a bug repellant screen to the window.
  • We have added aluminum material to make the design robust.classic design
  • To increase the security of the jalousie windows, an aluminum bar is added behind each blade.

Oridow is a manufacturer and supplier of quality and classy windows and doors located in China. We provide highly flexible solutions that are adaptable to your homes, request a quote and customize aluminum or new glass windows according to your home needs.

How Do Jalousie Windows Function?

The horizontal slats of jalousie windows are stacked on top of one another, analogous to the installation of shingles or siding. The top of the lowest slat is hidden by the bottom of the slat above it, and this pattern repeats itself to the top of the structure.

Slats may be opened with a crank. The turning of the crank causes the bottom of the hinged slats to tilt up and out, creating an aperture. Most of them can become horizontal, creating an almost unimpeded view of the outside world.

Most of these window types use glass panels, particularly the more contemporary alternatives.

However, some windows employ aluminum panes or other solid elements to produce a more long-lasting window. Because of how they open, these solid panes allow for ventilation while providing a view.

Advantages of Having Jalousie Windows

If you want to have your windows open during a storm, you will like having jalousie windows.

You’ll be able to let the cold air from the storm in a while, preventing the floors and other surfaces surrounding the windows from getting wet thanks to the slats’ ability to deflect rain and keep the elements out, much as an awning window would.

Improved Circulation of Air

Since they use the full aperture, jalousie windows allow for greater ventilation than other types of windows, such as single-hung or double-hung varieties.

Whether you have single- or double-hung windows, you can only open up a fraction of the available area at any moment. On the other hand, Jalousie windows do not have the same level of protection from the elements as these substantial windows.

Maintenance and Little Adjustments

Since you simply need to replace the broken slat, repairing Jalousie window slats is a simple task that results in significant cost savings.

Replacement of a whole pane of glass is often required for traditional windows, which results in increased expenses. Unhooking the damaged portion of your jalousie window system and replacing it with a new one is what you do when it breaks.

Although glass was much more brittle and easily broken many decades ago, one of the primary reasons people loved these windows was how simple and quick it was to maintain them.

Several Approaches to the Decoration of the Space

The slats of jalousie windows may be replaced with various kinds of glass or even materials that aren’t glass, such as aluminum or wood, which is another advantage of these sorts of windows.

If you decide to accomplish either, you won’t have any trouble turning your window into a shutter or a chic frosted privacy window. To replace the existing glass slats with replacements of the same size, you need to detach the moving parts from their hooks and slide them out.

Compared to a window with a complete pane, this form of window may have its appearance and functionality modified with far less effort.

Consider Your Options Before Opting for Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are not recommended for use in northern climate houses since they do not provide the same level of insulation as other types of windows.

Since they are made up of many different components, there are too many spaces between each one to be successfully sealed.

Sunrooms are the only appropriate locations for these windows in a cold climate home if the goal is to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house and have energy efficient windows.

Consider installing jalousie windows in your house if you are in the market for low-maintenance windows that let you keep your home’s air circulating even when it is raining outside.

Awning windows offer many of the benefits of jalousie windows without the drawbacks. Suppose you live in a cold climate or want a window offering better insulation for your home.

In that case, you should consider awning windows which offer many advantages over jalousie windows. However, they do have some limitations. To install your new jalousie windows, you should look for a reputable window replacement contractor.

How to Replace Jalousie Windows

It takes a lot of ability and experiences to replace jalousie windows if you plan on diy project. Suppose you want to replace a more conventional window or a new window with a jalousie window, such as a double-hung window.

In that case, installation must consider not only the amount of light that enters the room but also the amount of air movement and the ability to manage it.

When you have your jalousie windows replaced by an experienced contractor, you can expect to get warranties, correct installation, and pricing that is comparable to other similar services.

To determine whether or not you are eligible for any of the various tax refunds, a skilled window expert will evaluate the architecture, construction, and climate of your property and any relevant building regulations.

When jalousie windows are installed and replaced perfectly, not only will they enhance the appearance of your house, but they will also increase its value and its energy efficiency.

Jalousie Windows Replacement Parts

When considering the purchase of jalousie windows, one of the most significant considerations is how simple it is to find the necessary components, such as crank window parts or jalousie window parts.

The good news is that several respectable manufacturers make jalousie window components easily accessible.

Customers and builders prefer jalousie windows because they need less upkeep and are simpler and more affordable to replace. In many cases, repairing or changing components may be achieved with low mechanical expertise and the right amount of direction.

The majority of people choose to seek jalousie windows components on the internet. Slats, cranks, and window frame are the three components most often sought after.

The jalousie window operators or hand cranks are the most likely to become defective from these three components.

These devices, which consist of a handle and a crank gear, are used to open and shut the window. This jalousie window component is more likely to need repair or replacement as its use increases.

There is a wide array of websites belonging to different manufacturers and other online how-to manuals that might be useful.



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