Increasing Your Home’s Sale Value (Part I)


Buying or selling a home has always been a potentially stressful and complex experience for current and prospective homeowners. The recent upheaval in the real estate market has made this experience more complicated than before. However, homeowners can take advantage of some factors common to their localized property markets, i.e. all of which are considered when market prices for an area are decided.

Oridow cares about their clients and wants their home to have the highest re-sale value. Following are the most prominent factors (according to the experts at Oridow) that can lead to an increase in property prices;

Location Is Integral To Property Prices

Some homes, regardless of their location, will always struggle to achieve the highest market property prices. How? If for example your home is situated in an area that has huge risk of floods, the property’s value will plummet. On the other hand, if the home is located in a desirable area and enjoys stunning countryside or ocean views while being far from a disaster zone, that property is more likely to attract premium prices.

Another thing to be noted: if your home is located in a crime-ridden area or it’s on the main flight path of a major airport, then even the most extensive home improvements and latest amenities done on the property won’t be enough to revive fallen prices.

Family“Curb Appeal” Can Lead to Higher House Values

This term is a buzzword amongst real estate agents and is used to determine how much appeal buyers have towards a property. First impression is often the last which is why home buyers often make up their minds regarding a home before even entering, by viewing the outside condition. Keeping this in mind, before inviting prospective buyers to the open house make sure the windows, doors, fascias and garden is in good state of repair. Replace old modeled doors and windows, install UPVC French doors from Oridow to increase the outside’s aesthetic appeal. For the windows, casement aluminum windows or double hung UPVC windows.

The Layout and Design of Homes Also Determine Price

Generally speaking, traditional property layouts are much more preferred by home buyers as they provide more space as compared to modern layouts. So, the prices of homes built on large, rectangular plots with a good sized garden will often be more.

On the other hand, oddly shaped, triangular homes close to main roads will be considered less favorable by prospective home buyers.

There are many more factors that determine a property’s price in the real estate market. While many are beyond homeowner’s control, there are some areas that you can use to work in your favor. Replacing the windows or doors to increase curb appeal shouldn’t be foregone! Oridow can help with that!



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