Is There A Draft In Here? Choose The Right Residential Windows For Your Climate


Sometimes you feel as if you’re living on the equator itself. One day it’s cool and dry; the next, it’s pushing you to take off your sweater and don those shorts instead.

With the weather yo-yoing from cool to sweltering, you can hardly be expected to choose a window treatment for your home with ease.

Indeed, it would take a miracle for you to pin down the exact type of window that would work perfectly in such unpredictable weather.

Fortunately though, we can help make the decision for you!

Choosing Your Window, According to the Weather

Before you choose a window, you have to decide the best performing option. Should it be a foam-filled casement window, or are you up for the single or double-glazing options?

Double vs. Triple-Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows are standard for many homes. Excellent for comfort, triple glazed windows work well in cold climates and reduce noise-transmissions while functioning as an energy-saving option. However, triple glazed windows do not work as well if you’re living in a moderate to hot climate.

High quality double glazed windows work best with regards to cost and other advantages.

Which Option Works Best?

Hot Climates

In case of hot climates, look for a window type with a lower SHGC or ‘solar heat gain coefficient’. It should provide good ventilation and be glazed with high performance products to prevent any heat gain. Glazed windows with tinted glass also work as a plus.

Mixed Climates

In mixed climates, consider the temperature—is it warm or cold?

Depending on which factor you’re looking to focus, choose a window with a mid-range solar heat gain so that you get proper performance all-year around. Also, find an option that has a lower u-value.

Cold Climates

Colder climates will require windows with a lower u-value. Since you need to prevent heat loss, go with a double glazed option or an insulated glass unit so you can maximize the solar gain from your window.

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For clients not familiar with the above terminology, your best way of finding a good window option is by contacting us and looking through the options we provide.

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