Home Improvement – Choosing And Maintaining Your Upvc Door Options

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Your home looks gorgeous but are you taking the right steps to preserve its beauty?

Maintaining and improving the beauty of your house depends on a lot more than just your interior décor. You need the right accessories so your home isn’t affected by external elements such as dust or dirt. In this case, those accessories are uPVC doors.

Why uPVC Doors?

There are a number of door options on offer. However, UPVC doors stand out from the rest because of their many qualities and advantages. Apart from being highly affordable, especially if you’re buying them from sources such as Oridow; UPVC doors are strong, durable, water and pollution resistant.

Constructed from good insulating materials, these doors are chemical, dust and waterproof. Not to mention that due to their lightweight design and cheap construction, you can easily get a variety of styles in different colors.

Options in uPVC Doors

Although there are various options you can choose from, the choices we offer at Oridow are the most popular in the interior décor industry.

French Doors

Perfect for fans of natural lighting and chic designs, French doors offer an attractive look to the interior and exterior of any property. French doors add a unique quality to the look of your house, making it look brighter and bigger—mostly by offering a hefty excess of light.

Constructed with reinforced safety glass, French doors are durable and robust and can provide you with energy efficiency and security, without the bland look of plain wooden doors.

sliding doorSliding Doors

Sliding doors offer a classis aesthetic look without letting you go over-budget.

Providing effective insulation, these doors are reinforced with steel frames for added strength and offer UV protection as well.

Best suited for more traditional homes, sliding doors offer the perfect modern touch in a period style.

Folding Doors

Great for entertaining, uPVC bi-folding doors offer versatility, beauty and a seamless flow in design from your home to your garden.

Constructed with high-security locking options, these doors offer many perks such as noise reduction and practicality due to their design as a glass parapet. While allowing enough sunlight in, they keep the less-desirous aspects of the outside, out.

Aside from these popular options, Oridow also offers the triple track patio and lift and slide doors as well, each in uPVC.

Maintaining uPVC Doors

UPVC doors are low maintenance; you can clean it using light soapy water or a gentle detergent solution. You may use your regular glass cleaning product to wash up the glass; however, the light detergent formula can work for panes as well. As for the locking mechanisms and friction hinges, apply a little oil on all the moving parts to keep them looking beautifully.

These are just basic tips you need to maintain your uPVC doors. However, to know more, check out our blog section.

Buying uPVC Products from Oridow

Oridow offers a selection of popular uPVC windows and door options at affordable prices. Explore our website, make your choice and contact us! We’ll provide you with the best estimate and quality to make it worth the price!



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