3 Things To Consider When Investing In Sliding Doors

sliding doors

Sliding doors have become the most popular doors available because of their sublime facet and their cost effective price.

These sliding doors can be installed anywhere inside a home including the patio, hall, rooms and even the bathrooms. These doors produce an illusion of additional space,  which helps accentuate the beauty of every home. The unimpeded views that they provide are simply unparalleled in comparison.

However due to the sheer amount of options available in the market today, many homeowners often end up investing in sliding doors that do not meet their specifications. This is exactly why we at ORIDOW have articulated a list of three factors that every homeowner should take into perspective before investing in any type of sliding door.


The very first factor that every homeowner should take into perspective is the style of the sliding door. Below are the three of the most popular styles that are currently dominating the market:

Folding Patio Doors: This door type resembles an accordion as it opens and closes in folds. It is ideal for compact doorways and has its own unique contemporary style. 

Swinging Patio Doors: These are also known as patio doors and are usually constructed using glass panels which provides a clear view of the adjacent garden. They are available in butterfly designs and French designs as well; we would recommend checking both of these types before making your final purchase.

Sliding Patio Doors: This is the most popular door style and as the name implies the door simply slides when opened or closed. This type allows a lot of light inside the room and does not require regular maintenance compared to other door styles. 


aluminum sliding doors

The second factor that every homeowner should consider is the material used to construct the doors. Given below are the most popular materials that are used to construct sliding doors,

Clad-Wood: Cladding by definition is when a layer of metal is applied to wood to increase its durability. This material does not require regular maintenance and has an extensive lifespan.

Wood: This material provides the rawest natural facet but requires professional maintenance and does not have an extensive life span. 

Aluminum: This is the most popular material and is used all around the world to create aluminum doors and sliding aluminum doors. This lightweight material is extremely durable and has an extensive life span.

Energy efficiency 

Another factor that every homeowner should consider is how efficiently the door type conserves energy. Some of the factors that every homeowner should consider are the U-factor, UV coatings and the glass options available.

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