What makes aluminum the best choice for doors and windows?

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More and more designs are calling for aluminum doors and aluminum windows, as more codes are calling for green materials to be used – aluminum is gaining popularity. It is strong enough to withstand gale force winds with only minimal framing, light enough not to strain supports or require bulwarks, and it can also be finished in styles and colors that suit a building better than any of its traditional counterparts. There are two sets of reasons for why aluminum doors and aluminum windows will make a better building – the traditional reasons, and the brand new ones people are just becoming aware of.

The traditional reasons aluminum is better
Simply put, aluminum doors and aluminum windows began to get a hold on the market because they were lighter, stronger and more durable than wood or UPVC windows and doors. Aluminum can also take more finishes than even nylon, which made it more versatile for use in different designs. Now, there are even more reasons than ever before to choose aluminum over other materials.

The new reasons
For several decades architects would call for aluminum doors and aluminum windows that looked just like their wood and steel counterparts. In fact, a big selling point of the product was that it was so hard to tell the difference between the wood and aluminum product when they were installed and finished. Now, designers, engineers and architects are using the properties of aluminum that make it so durable and strong to support new configurations in doors and windows. Aluminum doors and aluminum windows can carry a much narrower profile then wood, steel or UPVC. They can also provide support in some unique and surprising configurations. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it is part of what is making aluminum the green building material of choice.

What you should know
Aluminum doors and aluminum windows are a way of greening a design, or greening a re-design. In many projects they can qualify for LEEDs points for inclusion in the building materials. Their longevity and relatively small carbon footprint makes them ideal for green and responsible building. As they can hold different configurations, and can hold high strength windows and multi layered windows, their contribution to the overall energy efficiency of the structure is also another consideration. The days of wood doors and windows are long gone. If you want to build smart then aluminum doors and aluminum windows are a must.



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