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How to Replace the Gears in the Crank out Casement Windows

Crank out casement windows are are hinged on the side and open outward to the left or right. Usually taller than wide, their entire sash opens to provide top-to-bottom ventilation. The gears are very important for crank out casement windows. Below are the instructions help you to replace it when it broken.

  1. Remove the window’s screen, if applicable.
  2. Open the window sash to approximately halfway, so that the operator crank is in the vertical position.
  3. Remove the operator handle by loosening the set screw at the base using an Allen wrench. With the set screw loosened, pull the handle off of the operator stem.
  4. Detach the plastic operator base cover, if applicable. The cover will unsnap from the operator by pulling it out and upward from the bottom edge.
  5. Disconnect the window operator assembly from the window frame by removing the screw at each end using a screwdriver.
  6. Slide the sash-end of the operator arm out of the sash’s bottom track by aligning the round knob at the end of the operator arm with the gap in the track. Move the open window, as needed, to align the knob in the track gap, then remove the operator assembly by pulling the operator arm horizontally out of the hole in the window frame.
  7. Turn the replacement operator handle counterclockwise two or three turns to extend the operator arm slightly.
  8. Insert the end of the replacement operator’s arm through the hole in the window frame and position the base of the new operator against the frame. Align the screw holes in the operator’s base and secure it to the window frame with the screws removed earlier or the screws provided.
  9. Install the replacement operator’s handle onto the crank stem. Rotate the handle, as needed, to extend the operator arm to where the end knob aligns with the gap in the window’s bottom track and slip the knob into the track.
  10. Reinstall the operator’s plastic cover, if applicable, by positioning it over the operator base and snapping it into place.
  11. Turn the operator’s handle to draw the window closed. Remove the handle and orient it as desired, then secure it in place by tightening the set screw in the base with an Allen wrench.
  12.  Open and close the window to verify smooth movement through its full range.
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